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Calming empowerment for healing and transformation

Calming empowerment for healing and transformation


This website is designed to offer experiences, events, profound healing and wisdom in support of your self-empowerment;

to move through these stressful experiences and to work towards that person that you would like to become.

Believe it or not, the reality is that we have the ability to become

"on the inside” that stable, balanced professional who has it all.

Open the Door To The New You

From experience gained from my own self healing journey, I can be a guide to your self healing journey. 

Why LyonHart Amrie?

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Destiny and Purpose

When we feel connected to our hearts, to our truth, to our spirit, and to the Divine, we become more able to get in touch with our destiny and purpose.
Our destiny and purpose in life is to embrace the gifts we have and to use them in support of ourselves and others.

You might sometimes wonder: “Who was I born to be? Why am I here? How can I be of service?” These questions are all part of our Divine design and connection here on Earth. Finding answers to these questions provides an opportunity to examine one’s self and life with a deeper and heightened level of self-exploration and truth.

The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Oprah Winfrey have used the prayer below as a mantra, a way to get in touch with who they are, and to set their intention of service to the Divine.
"Use me, God. Show me how to take who I am, who I want to be, and what I can do, and use it for a purpose greater than myself."
Of course, discovering one’s purpose may not happen overnight. And in fact, one may have more than one purpose. The journey we go on setting the intention, to define our purpose or purposes is just as important as the end result.
Some tips that can help us to connect with our purpose or purposes include:
1) Set the Intention. Open yourself up to exploring this part of yourself. Proclaim this out loud, write it in a journal, express it in a meditation. Tell the Universe you are willing and open to embracing your destiny and purpose.
2) Examine what comes naturally to you. While you may believe everyone can do what you do, this is not the case. Take time to get in touch with your natural abilities. What do you enjoy doing and find yourself automatically? Which kind of situations do you see yourself flourishing and happy in?
3) Look at what you have been through and have worked through already. Difficult times are when we really learn about life. We collect great wisdom at these times and learn valuable lessons. We then in turn can share this with others through appropriate ways and means.
4) Believe in yourself. Truly know you have something unique to offer the world. Trust in your abilities, even if you do not see them all yet within you. Know and believe that they are there, and will emerge when the time is right.
5) Take a small step forward. Face your fears and do whatever you can right now to embrace your destiny and purpose.

I hope this information helps you in some way. If you need further support with anything mentioned above, then you can contact me on
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The Time Is Now!

"Today is the day you have been waiting for. It is the day to commit to what your Higher Self and soul have been calling you to do. Their messages are a sign for you to move forward with these thoughts and ideas, knowing that you will be supported."

Our Higher Self often speaks to us through our subconscious mind. Our Higher Self speaks to us when we have moments of inspiration, use our imagination, remember our dreams, during our meditations and prayers, and through reoccurring symbols and signs that we see. Our Higher Self can also send us messages through our body, like having a gut feeling or an unexplained intensity within, that is hard to ignore.

Sometimes while we can see, hear and experience such messages, it is hard to trust, believe or take action from them. The message may seem to be something unexpected, or requires us to step outside our comfort zone. The rational mind might take over and dismiss it completely. These feelings are all responses from our ego wanting to stay in control and keep us within its limiting, self-contained experience. So, in order to truly listen and act on what our Higher Self calls us to do is to break through our feelings of limitation and take a leap of faith.
A leap of faith affords us the opportunity to take a step forward into the unknown. Taking a leap of faith detaches us from the outcome, disconnects us from feelings of limitation, and enables us to surrender to our internal guidance. Taking that initial step can sometimes be the hardest part of the journey and that is precisely why this message is here today to support you to take a leap of faith.

So, this weekend, let's take a step forward to follow our Higher Self's calling. However big or small it may be, the time is now. Let's listen to our soul, acknowledge its message, and then take a leap of faith into the future. The time is now. The world awaits!

Current Inspiration

Helping Our Selves Heal: We Have The Power

Our human-self is not just the physical body, rather it is in fact made up of many “bodies.”These bodies include the mental, emotional spiritual, and light bodies, and each of their energies can become unwell, just like our physical body.
During a Transference Healing session, these different bodies are accessed. The energy of a session helps to clear the issues and problems that reside in the different bodies: things like pain, trauma, and genetic distorsions. Pain, trauma and genetic distortions occur from our own experiences past and present as human beings, from the experiences our souls had, and from ancestral trauma suffered by our ancestors, that has been passed down through the DNA. Transference Healing is about moving from one state of Being to another state of Being. Thus, Transference Healing helps one to be proactive and work towards self-healing within themselves.
The work I facilitate is like accessing and opening the door of a problem, breaking off a big chunk of the issue, and bringing it into consciousness. This process allows the trauma, pain or genetic distortion to come into consciousness, to be identified, so that it can then be felt, processed and cleared. Transference Healing helps to create a sense of empowerment and hope, and provides a way post. I have found that after a Session, clients feel strengthened and motivated to be proactive about their life circumstance, to set boundaries, or make different choices. These actions allow the old, conditioned or inherited feelings and patterns to be broken.
Self-healing is possible for us all. Self-healing happens every time we truly feel our emotions and allow them to be released. The Healings I facilitate help accelerate the feeling and releasing of stuck energy, clears suppressed emotions and soul wounding, and many other things. The more we become connected to our internal-self and to our mental, emotional and spiritual-selves, the more self-healing becomes possible for us all.

If self-healing is something that interests you, or you feel that you have inherited patterns, trauma, or behavior that you would like a deeper understanding of, then contact me to find out more. Love and Light.