LyonHart Amrie

Calming empowerment for healing and transformation

Calming empowerment for healing and transformation

My connection to the Divine has steadfastly given me the strength and courage to move forward in life even under the most tumultuous and uncertain circumstances.

I have had an incredible journey, of learning how to empower and heal myself in my life so far.  And through my process, I have discovered that many people also have pain and wounding from their own childhood and other life experiences, which can cause them to feel and act in a disempowered way, in their own lives.


Separated from my mother and father as an infant, I lived in many different family homes, as  a baby, child and teenager.  The pain of separation from my parents, and my own feelings of disempowerment and unworthiness, has been a catalyst for me to learn how to empower and heal myself, to live my life with honesty and integrity, and to be the best person that I can be. Over the course of time, I have received affirmation that my trust in Spirit and listening to my intuition is instrumental in self-care. 


While growing up, I innately used art and the natural elements to support me on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.  Music, singing, dancing, exercising and spending time by the water and in nature were key for me to be able to balance and realign and to brush off negativity, fear and uncertainty.


I became an attorney in 1999 to empower myself and to advocate for the rights of other people.  Over the past 19 years my work as an attorney has helped many people overcome their own life challenges and obstacles, enabling them to move forward in their lives, free from the restrictions that their circumstances could have left them with.

As an adult, I have become conscious of my life-long mission: learning how to empower myself, learning how to feel worthy, in order to create a peaceful and balanced life.  I spent years in therapy to work through painful events that occurred while growing up, and to learn not to be a victim of my circumstances.  I took my healing further, commencing in 2006, when I became connected to the chakras, qi, and meridians through acupuncture and meditation.

My first experience with a more direct transformational modality, Transference Healing®, whose principals, teachings and frequencies I share today, was in New York City when I received my first healing.  It was a life changing moment.  I felt strong yet gentle sensations in my body, physically experiencing the energetic shifts within me, that made me realize that emotional blocks had been cleared from that one healing.  I felt so open and receptive. 


What I have come to learn and understand over time, through a more direct connection to the teachings and energies of Transference Healing®, is that “self-healing” is the key to self-mastery and ascension.


My whole life has been driven by the values of courage, strength and integrity, and I experience that truth through this lineage of holy teachings.

I am thrilled to share this with you on any level that you feel drawn to receive.