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Calming empowerment for healing and transformation

Calming empowerment for healing and transformation

Relax and Allow

In today's busy paced life, where taking action, achieving goals, and producing outcomes is our dominant drive, we can often forget about the power of rest.

I am here today to remind you that we do not have to be super-achievers all the time. The dynamic force of “getting things done,” and the power to push through and accomplish things in life takes a lot of energy. If our energy reserves become low, we not only feel tired, but we lose our passion, commitment, and often our ability to do things correctly.

By taking the time to rest, we allow ourselves some personal space and give ourselves time to fill up our energy tank. Creative energy comes much more easily when we pause, when we are open, and when we have space for new opportunities to flow forth.

Continually pushing ahead without downtime can lead us down a blinded path. If we surge forward without taking stock of the things that happen along the way, we could miss opportunities for a brighter future.

So, this weekend, let's rest. Give yourself permission to relax and allow new ideas, inspirations and manifestations to come forth.

Photo Credit: Diana Del Valle

Our Destiny and Purpose

When we feel connected to our hearts, to our truth, to our spirit, and to the Divine, we become more able to get in touch with our destiny and purpose.
Our destiny and purpose in life is to embrace the gifts we have and to use them in support of ourselves and others.

You might sometimes wonder: “Who was I born to be? Why am I here? How can I be of service?” These questions are all part of our Divine design and connection here on Earth. Finding answers to these questions provides an opportunity to examine one’s self and life with a deeper and heightened level of self-exploration and truth.

The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Oprah Winfrey have used the prayer below as a mantra, a way to get in touch with who they are, and to set their intention of service to the Divine.
"Use me, God. Show me how to take who I am, who I want to be, and what I can do, and use it for a purpose greater than myself."  Of course, discovering one’s purpose may not happen overnight. And in fact, one may have more than one purpose. The journey we go on setting the intention, to define our purpose or purposes is just as important as the end result.

Some tips that can help us to connect with our purpose or purposes include:

1) Set the Intention. Open yourself up to exploring this part of yourself. Proclaim this out loud, write it in a journal, express it in a meditation. Tell the Universe you are willing and open to embracing your destiny and purpose.
2) Examine what comes naturally to you. While you may believe everyone can do what you do, this is not the case. Take time to get in touch with your natural abilities. What do you enjoy doing and find yourself automatically? Which kind of situations do you see yourself flourishing and happy in?
3) Look at what you have been through and have worked through already. Difficult times are when we really learn about life. We collect great wisdom at these times and learn valuable lessons. We then in turn can share this with others through appropriate ways and means.
4) Believe in yourself. Truly know you have something unique to offer the world. Trust in your abilities, even if you do not see them all yet within you. Know and believe that they are there, and will emerge when the time is right.
5) Take a small step forward. Face your fears and do whatever you can right now to embrace your destiny and purpose.

I hope this information helps you in some way.

Photo Credit: James McSherry

Peace Within

"Having Peace on Earth today starts with each and every one of us.”

This is the wisdom that I felt recently in my meditation. It reminded me of the power that we have as individuals, and how everything we desire outside of ourselves, always begins with us.

We all have the ability to Be peaceful. To Be peaceful comes from Being in the moment, Being in our heart space, letting go of expectations, and surrendering emotionally. Even if you are having a chaotic day and are stressed out, you can still find peace within by becoming present to each breath, taking each moment step by step, and taking time to tune into your emotions and how you are feeling.
When you can hold a sense of peace for yourself, it is then easier to hold a space of peace for others. Even just the smallest gesture of peace can help someone to feel this sense of balance, calm, and heartfelt experience. Being peaceful is a blessing for both oneself and for others. Being peaceful is a powerful way to counteract confusion, conflict and separation.

So, this weekend let us cultivate and focus on the peace we have within ourselves. And then, let us go one step further and share this peace with our friends, family and community.

“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.” - Buddha

Photo Credit James McSherry

The Time Is Now!

"Today is the day you have been waiting for. It is the day to commit to what your Higher Self and soul have been calling you to do. Their messages are a sign for you to move forward with these thoughts and ideas, knowing that you will be supported."

Our Higher Self often speaks to us through our subconscious mind. Our Higher Self speaks to us when we have moments of inspiration, use our imagination, remember our dreams, during our meditations and prayers, and through reoccurring symbols and signs that we see. Our Higher Self can also send us messages through our body, like having a gut feeling or an unexplained intensity within, that is hard to ignore.

Sometimes while we can see, hear and experience such messages, it is hard to trust, believe or take action from them. The message may seem to be something unexpected, or requires us to step outside our comfort zone. The rational mind might take over and dismiss it completely. These feelings are all responses from our ego wanting to stay in control and keep us within its limiting, self-contained experience. So, in order to truly listen and act on what our Higher Self calls us to do is to break through our feelings of limitation and take a leap of faith.

A leap of faith affords us the opportunity to take a step forward into the unknown. Taking a leap of faith detaches us from the outcome, disconnects us from feelings of limitation, and enables us to surrender to our internal guidance. Taking that initial step can sometimes be the hardest part of the journey and that is precisely why this message is here today to support you to take a leap of faith.

So, this weekend, let's take a step forward to follow our Higher Self's calling. However big or small it may be, the time is now. Let's listen to our soul, acknowledge its message, and then take a leap of faith into the future. The time is now. The world awaits!  Photo Credit: @jaysbedandbreakfast

Universal Support

The Universe is always supporting us, no matter where we are in life or how far along we are on our spiritual path.

The most powerful and effective thing we can do to receive this support is to work with the commitment of living our lives in integrity. Living one’s life in integrity requires one to be honest, truthful, not manipulative, and not deceitful. Examples of this include not manipulating the truth with others to suit your own means, to being honest about who you truly are.

Integrity equals standing in truth within all aspects of our make-up and life. This includes doing the right thing by ourselves, and by others, even when no one is watching. Integrity requires us to observe our moral compass and to refine it as we learn and grow. Integrity affords us the opportunity to align with our Higher Self and make choices that extend beyond serving our ego. When we are in integrity, the integrity then resonates out from our personal frequency and our intentions, and sends a clear vibrational message. This type of clarity shows the Universe exactly what we desire, and the Universe then responds with ease. Conversely, a lack of integrity and truth fragments our energy, sends out confusing unclear signals to the Universe, and thus it is harder for the Universe to respond to us.

So, in order for the Universe to support us in the most powerful and effective way possible, let's examine our integrity this weekend. Go within and ask yourself, are you being real, true, and honest in how you relate to yourself, with others, and in what you say and do?

Tapping Into Love

“The light of love is always within us” – bell hooks

Challenges and initiations regularly present themselves to us as we live our lives, and we can feel overwhelmed by them at times. However, we can be fortified and comforted by reminding ourselves that the power of love is within each and every one of us. Love is a magical force and has the power to change the dynamics of situations, overcoming even what may appear to be the impossible or hopeless.

All of our thoughts, emotions, and words that we speak have energy and vibrations which ripple out into the world beyond our Being. When we think, feel and speak from a place of Love, the vibration of Love is sent out into the world, raising the vibration, and creating an environment of strength and hope. Conversely, if we come from a place of negativity, this is what we put out into the world which can lend to creating a sense of hopelessness and despair.

Now, I am not saying to ignore the feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and despair that you may have within you; it is so important to actually feel all of the ranges of our emotions and feelings. What I am suggesting is for you to feel your emotions and feelings, to acknowledge them, and then to not get caught up in them but to release them out of your body and consciousness. Through doing this, you will actually be able to connect in to the Love within you and hence raise your frequency.

Perhaps you are sad, frustrated, uncertain or fearful about something. It is important to allow yourself to feel these emotions that come along with what is worrying or upsetting you. But after you have felt and experienced your emotions, it is then time to, as we talked about last week "Hold Your Light." Holding your Light means tapping into the Love within yourself which in turns generates and connects you to the energy of light, faith and hope. Even after we have done this exercise, the same emotions of fear, sadness, or uncertainty may come up again. If they do, we just need to feel them, let them go, and then tune into the Love within which will shift our frequency to light, faith, and hope.

Tapping into the Love within is the most powerful way we can help ourselves. Tapping into the Love within not only sustains more light within us, but also creates more light around us, the planet, the Universe, and Beyond.
So let us focus on practicing tapping into the Love within this weekend, not only to fortify and comfort ourselves, but also for the people we love, our neighbors, the world-wide community, and beyond.  Photo credit: Jay's Bed & Breakfast

Hold Your Light - Negativity

When negativity approaches us in our lives, what do we do?
Many of you reading this are sensitive to energy. You probably become impacted through your physical, mental, and emotional self when negativity is around. Negativity can push us out of balance, but as it is part of the duality of life, it is a reality that we will all encounter it at some point. And then it is up to us whether we want to allow it into our lives or not let it into our lives.

When negativity comes directly to our door, whether through confrontation, power plays, jealousy, projection, or something other, the most important thing you can do is to stand strong. Energetically this means - Hold Your Light!

Negativity is literally just low-frequency energy, and so you resonating your vibrant Light counteracts it. Holding Your Light means not allowing yourself to get caught up in the drama, power plays and manipulation of the situation. And in turn, you are kept from being dragged down into the low frequency.

Every situation is different, but ways to Hold Your Light include:
- Seeing the dynamic for what it is – observe whether the person is stressed, or unaware of their actions.
- Do not take it personally – people will behave according to their own character, it does not have to do with you
- Recognize and maintain your self-worth - Believe in who You Are.
- Have compassion - come from your heart, not your ego or power center
- Walk away if you have to - sometimes walking away is the only thing to do

So let's work this weekend on Holding our Light against negativity. It is a great way to learn more about ourselves, about how we energetically feel, and it supports us to keep moving forward in our journey of life.

Nothing And Everything

"Wisdom is knowing I am nothing,
Love is knowing I am everything,
and between the two my life moves."
Nisargadatta Maharaj

This quote is profound, and to me is both complex and simple at the same time. We spend our whole lives trying to learn, to define ourselves and who we are, looking for our place in this world and to develop a sense of belonging and importance. And yet the quote says that when we truly obtain wisdom that we know we are nothing, and that through love we know that we are everything. True mastery is fully embodying that kind of experience. The quote triggers in me a wonder and awe of the way in which we traverse our lives as humans, and how unconditional and accepting we must be, to truly become masters of self.

Some days we can wake up and feel spiritual, divinely connected, committed to who we and in a state of appreciation. Other days we feel the complete opposite, and that’s perfectly okay.
Feeling a lack of trust, faith, positivity, or self-love does not make us any less spiritual. It just means we have become out of balance and disconnected from the deep truth of who we are.

Our ego within fights to stay divided, and the unhealed parts of ourselves struggle to stay just as they are. It takes a serious amount of love, strength, and perseverance to keep moving on from old patterns, being human, living the human experience, and walking a path of self-awareness. Some days we can achieve it and enjoy it. Some days we just have to unconditionally accept where we are at and be at peace with it.

This weekend let us acknowledge and embrace that life is a fluid journey, an experience to be savored, no matter what our ego that creates the illusion of separation tells us.  Photo Credit: James McSherry


As human beings, we can easily become attached to things, whether it be people in our lives, material items or outcomes of situations. Attachments go beyond love, trust and enjoyment and heads into the realms of unhealthy relationships, destructive preoccupation, and energetic webbing. All of these things can keep us from seeing our journey clearly and can knock us out of energetic balance.

There are many reasons why we create attachments, and it is a truly unique pattern of circumstances for each of us. Sometimes feelings of lack, scarcity and inadequacy can lead to attachment issues. We can act impulsively, trying to fill the void that we feel inside, fixating on the first option that comes along because we do not want to miss out. We can become blinded, ignoring any new information or ideas that come our way, as we are so webbed up in the energy of attachment.

So, let us look this weekend at ourselves and our lives. Are we clinging on to only one option, one solution, one person, one outcome? By doing this are we preventing ourselves from being open and from seeing the best path to what we truly want. Becoming conscious of the attachment is the first part of moving through it and helping to heal its original cause, and a great step in becoming the truth of who we are.

What Does It Mean To Be Spiritual?

What Does It Mean To Be Spiritual? There will be many answers to the above question but I thought I would share my perspective with you today.

Being spiritual is not a set of rules, regulations or directives. Rather,
for me, it is the opportunity to know oneself and through that journey find
one's own personal connection to God/Goddess/The Universe/All that is/The Light etc.

A person who chooses "spiritual" daily practices and prayers but is mean to
homeless people, ridicules colleagues, and kicks the dog, is no more
spiritual than someone who does no daily practice, other than be truly
honest about who they are and speak from their hearts.

Being spiritual is an internal process, a commitment to finding love,
strength and integrity within yourself and then throughout all aspects of
your life. Your words become your heartfelt truth, your actions go beyond
your ego and you live in trust and faith, knowing there is a bigger picture.

No matter how many visits you take to sacred places, or how many gurus you
may sit with, or books you may read, Being spiritual is an embodiment of
your own truth, your own journey, and that it is a beautiful part of being
here on earth. Photo credit: James McSherry

Soar and Bloom

My message for you this weekend is that we all have the power to start new ventures, change, or enhance our course. We do not need to be stuck in our same old routine. If there is something you want to do, if there is a calling in your heart that you can hear, a burning in your soul that needs to be set free, then now is the time. Of course, taking a step into that next experience can feel unobtainable, overwhelming or just plain crazy. But these feelings do not make it wrong or that you are pursuing the incorrect area, it just means that it is a journey and a journey starts with a single step.

So, let us dare to dream. Let us take some time to be true to who we are and empowered enough to know that we are worthy of having it. There is no time like the present to live our lives from our hearts and to express our unique and individual selves. Dear Ones, I encourage you to soar and bloom, the Universe is out there, waiting for you to Be that what You wish to Be.

Acceptance and Surrender

Surrender to grace.
The ocean takes care of each wave until it gets to shore.
You are given more help than you will ever know.

This beautiful quote came across my path this week in perfect timing as I have been working on personal acceptance and surrender. It reminded me that, sometimes when I come from my ego-self, I try and force or control situations out of my own fears, limitations, or lack of trust. I can forget that there is an abundance of Divine support that is guiding me in the right direction and all I need to do is surrender, stop fighting, and let the magic unfold.
This does not mean that we just sit back and wait for everything to manifest before our eyes. We all play an active part in the Co-creation of our own lives. However, if something is not going well, or if you are not moving forward and things feel stuck, I encourage you to take some time out.

When we take a step back, not only do we allow ourselves to see things differently, we also allow the space of surrender to come forth. Our heart engages, our ego-self quiets, and we can breathe and engage with our Higher-self. In this way, the Divine guidance has a place to be received, to be heard, and this filters through in whichever way is good for you. An inspirational thought, a television program that provides an answer, a song with lyrics that speak to you. When we surrender, the Universe shows up for us in all kinds of ways and all we have to do is read the 'signposts.'
So, if something in your life right now is proving to be difficult, why not try this approach of surrender and see where you are this time next week.

For further support with this topic or any other challenges you have right now, go to my website and find out how my one to one sessions can guide you. Photo credit: James McSherry

The Relationship with Self

The way we experience life: our relationships with others, our success, our enjoyment of our daily living, all comes back to something quite simple. And that is, the relationship that we have with ourselves.

Somebody who has internal feelings of worthlessness will co-create a different type of life than someone who feels worthy and deserving of what life can offer. Someone who only listens with their head and operates from their ego, will experience life very differently from someone who trusts their gut and intuition and lives from a heart-based perspective.

Getting to know yourself and the deeper layers of who you are is a huge factor in becoming truly fulfilled and aligned with your life's purpose. It takes time and commitment each day to regularly connect into how you feel, experience what you want, and be truthful to yourself. As you practice this, in time it becomes easier and you can delve deeper into who you are.
Let's all start this weekend, with this simple intention. Each time you engage with someone about how you feel, what you want or who you are, take a second to ask yourself, is this correct? Is what I'm saying true, is it really me or am I just coming from a place of conditioning, control or just saying what I think the other person wants to hear?
This can be an insightful exercise to get clearer on how much we fabricate ourselves out there in the world. It can allow us to become stronger in getting to know and be our more authentic self, which in turn brings us a deeper and more valuable relationship with ourselves and our life.

I am ready to explore myself at the next level, are you?


With the start of the New Year, we are given the opportunity to re-set and bring forth new intentions. Perhaps right now, you are not yet where you want to be in life. Perhaps you feel anxious about your personal environment and community. Perhaps you are concerned for the state of our planet. It is not unusual to feel such things after the holiday season and especially if you are in the season of winter, where the energetic emphasis is more on our internal experience. But I urge you, as this new chapter of life begins, to set your intent to embrace the feeling and energy of Hope. Hope is a spark of light that is inside all of us; sometimes we remember and can recall where it is and sometimes it feels completely burnt out. If we can embrace more Hope, we will feel lighter, more positive, and will be able to take steps forward. Hope reminds us that we are worthy, that we can make a difference, and most importantly, that everything is exactly how it is meant to be. So, even if things in your world feel dark and difficult right now, search within to find that spark, that light, the energy that is Hope.

Winter Solstice

In the Northern Hemisphere, the Winter Solstice on December 21st marks the longest and darkest day of the year; the day with the least hours of sunlight. As darkness increases upon the Earth, humankind slowly makes its way back to the light, to reflect on it, to remember, and to celebrate it.
For me the Solstice is a time of stillness and introspection. It is a time to really let go of the old, reflect on the past, to see what has been learned and to celebrate what has happened.
Through introspection and self-realization, we then are able to make steps within ourselves to move forward.

Relaxation, restoration and rejuvenation are also very important parts of this process. Honoring yourself, giving yourself the time and space to rest, to be still and be quiet. And while this might all seem like the opposite of what is happening in your life right now, I assure you that it can bring through some very valuable healing and learning moments at this time.
Even though the Solstice is designated to be just one moment in time, I do like to take the expression of its energy and work with it starting now, over the holidays, and even into January. I work with it until whenever feels right for me, until I am ready to start afresh and move forward into the new year and the new light of 2022.  Wishing you all a Blessed Winter Solstice.

Photo credit: Diana Del Valle

Eclipse Season

This weekend, the latest eclipse season comes to a close. It started on November 19th with a partial lunar eclipse and finishes on December 4th with a total solar eclipse.
Eclipse portals like, this are an opportunity to bring to light those things that no longer serve us. Eclipses support the healing release of emotions or issues we have buried deep inside. Releasing, in turn, helps us to move and breakthrough into new areas of our internal and external reality.

So, while in the past two weeks you may have felt out of sorts, next week you may well feel differently, as the new energy encourages us to do what we need to do. Projects, ideas or tasks that we have been putting off will become more appealing, and easier to begin.
When we go with the flow of the Universe and the energy it provides us, life is less of a struggle, we encounter fewer obstacles, and our efforts become more fruitful.

So, be kind to yourself and the healing work that has been happening inside of you these past few weeks. Know that the time of making plans and carrying them out is on the horizon.

If you need further support or help in understanding what you are currently going through, you can contact me at


Last week we talked about merging our own soul with that of God/Goddess/Light/Universe and how this is called Ascension. Today I want to share with you a further part of this journey and talk about the Lightbody.

As we ascend, our human form evolves, in turn lifting our internal frequency. The energy of our body transforms from denser matter into light and becomes able to access new parts of itself. The Lightbody is a new layer, a new body, that mass consciousness, science and individuals are just starting to discover.
Ancient teachings and spiritual masters have known and accessed their Lightbody technology here on Earth previously. It is believed that Jesus, Buddha and other enlightened beings have ascended into higher realms via their Lightbody.

In basic terms, the Lightbody is our vehicle for ascension. We cannot fully merge with the Divine without embodying it as part of our soul’s evolution. We are more than just physical beings. We have many layers, levels of consciousness, and aspects of ourselves that we have yet to fully understand, explore and experience.

For me this is exciting and inspiring, and encourages me to want to evolve further. How about you?

Photo credit: James McSherry


Throughout ancient and religious teachings there are stories of elders, saints, kings, sages and deities transforming themselves into higher planes of light. In Christianity this is popular with the figure of Jesus and often called the ascension into heaven, it is still celebrated now, normally on the 40th day after Easter Sunday. But what is ascension and why is still relevant today?
To me, in simple terms, ascension is the merging of our own soul and energy, with that of the god/goddess/Source/Light/Universe/All that is. It is the awakening of a higher consciousness within us that is more pure, positive and enlightened. We ascend by healing the internal issues and dynamics that we all have, as these personal things hold density and negativity and exist at a lower frequency than light. For example, when you embrace grief and take the time to heal from its pain, you allow new energies into your body, which helps your personal frequency to lift and to embrace more of a connection to higher frequencies of light. When you learn from your mistakes and do things differently, breaking patterns of the past, your energy is raised, your consciousness is elevated and you take a step forward in your ascension. The healing work I facilitate really supports your natural ascension process as we help to unlock lower frequencies and embrace new dimensions of light and energy that is connected to our higher self.
Ascension is actually an evolutionary process, so many people right now are being impelled through circumstances to change their lives. Inspired to life more truthfully in alignment with nature, their higher calling and personal voice. This is personal ascension, our own souls journey and one of the reasons we are here on planet earth at this time. Want to know more or understand how I can help you with your ascension process then send me a message at
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On Helping Our Selves Heal: We Have The Power

Our human-self is not just the physical body, rather it is in fact made up of many “bodies.”These bodies include the mental, emotional spiritual, and light bodies, and each of their energies can become unwell, just like our physical body.

During a Transference Healing session, these different bodies are accessed. The energy of a session helps to clear the issues and problems that reside in the different bodies: things like pain, trauma, and genetic distorsions. Pain, trauma and genetic distortions occur from our own experiences past and present as human beings, from the experiences our souls had, and from ancestral trauma suffered by our ancestors, that has been passed down through the DNA. Transference Healing is about moving from one state of Being to another state of Being. Thus, Transference Healing helps one to be proactive and work towards self-healing within themselves.
The work I facilitate is like accessing and opening the door of a problem, breaking off a big chunk of the issue, and bringing it into consciousness. This process allows the trauma, pain or genetic distortion to come into consciousness, to be identified, so that it can then be felt, processed and cleared. Transference Healing helps to create a sense of empowerment and hope, and provides a way post. I have found that after a Session, clients feel strengthened and motivated to be proactive about their life circumstance, to set boundaries, or make different choices. These actions allow the old, conditioned or inherited feelings and patterns to be broken.

Self-healing is possible for us all. Self-healing happens every time we truly feel our emotions and allow them to be released. The Healings I facilitate help accelerate the feeling and releasing of stuck energy, clears suppressed emotions and soul wounding, and many other things. The more we become connected to our internal-self and to our mental, emotional and spiritual-selves, the more self-healing becomes possible for us all.

If self-healing is something that interests you, or you feel that you have inherited patterns, trauma, or behavior that you would like a deeper understanding of, then send me an email at Love and Light.

Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is the experience of connecting with others from your true heart space. It is the intention of choosing love in the moment, over the story of your inner wounds, feelings of personal limitation, and the drama of individual ego.
Unconditional love is not passive nor is it about giving the opportunity for others to take advantage of you. It does not make unacceptable behavior acceptable. It does not mean that you must stay in situations that do not feel right for you. Rather, unconditional love is actually loving one’s own self and being, meaning that as well as being unconditional with others, you choose this for yourself also.

As human beings, we tend to react to others and life from our previous experiences of pain, lack of trust in the Universe, and of course our pride. We all get triggered by others and our day-to-day experiences. While it is important that we feel the emotion that comes from that, rather than going into reaction, let's now try a different response. Instead of reacting, pause. Take a breath in the moment, drop into your heart, and ask, "Am I choosing love right now?" This is a great way to become conscious of your automatic response to things. Be honest with yourself and ask, "Is my reaction coming from a place of truth or a place of story, previous wounding, or my ego?."
These in-the-moment actions and questions to yourself can shift the whole energy of your being, drop you into the energy of your heart, and help you experience more unconditionalness in your life. With the holidays coming up, we all will have great opportunities to practice these while spending time with our family and loved ones.

Unconditional Love is Unity rather than disparity; it is Faith or Trust rather than fear, it is a Truth that comes from our Hearts rather than our heads.

The energy of Halloween

Halloween is a holiday that has ancient beginnings as the Celtic festival called Samhain. Samhain means “Summer’s End” and is a celebration of the end of the harvest and the start of the coldest half of the year. It is believed that this time of year is when the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead is the thinnest and the living are able to communicate more easily with those who have passed on.
In Christian tradition, the day after Halloween was celebrated as All Saints Day, a time where worshippers felt connected to the Saints who had passed over. Día de los Muertos, is a traditional Mexican holiday celebrated on November 1 and 2. On this day, it is believed that the souls of the dead return to visit their living family members; it is a joyous day of celebrations and reflection of times spent together.
I feel that Halloween is time to take stock of all that we have been learning, to honor ourselves and our ancestors, and to take a moment to give thanks for all that we have. As the cold and dark times of winter rapidly approach, we can prepare for this shift in energy by becoming more sedentary, internal and reflective.
Happy Samhain everyone!

The Cycle of Life

Sometimes when we feel like we are stuck in the same situation, the same dynamics, or the same circumstances, we have to stop for a moment and take a deep breath. We have to make the realization and remind ourself that in that moment, we are viewing our life through the eyes of our wounds, and not the truth of who we are.
Life is cyclical in that we go through many similar experiences as part of our healing journey. Sometimes repeating the same thing can lead us to think or believe that we have not grown, changed or evolved. But actually, what is happening at that moment, is that we are seeing our life through the eyes of the wound. Looking through the eyes of the wound we experience the rawness of pain, we are emotionally uncomfortable, and we are energetically right back at the source of our wound. This illusion feels so very real for us. What is really happening though, is that we are breaking down old personal patterns that are held deep within us, and it takes a lot for us to not believe their story.

When we find ourselves in this place, it is important, to be kind and compassionate to ourselves, to honor this part of our journey, and to know and trust that things will shift again and we will see beyond the illusion of the wound.

The truth of who we are is so much more powerful than our wounded pain. It takes awareness, practice, balance and heartfelt self-love, to remember who we truly are.
So, if you feel right now that are stuck in the same problem, take a look at the situation with a fresh perspective. Ask yourself to see beyond your wounds. Take a look to really see that while it might be the same circumstance, you are certainly not the same person as you were before. Know that you have the opportunity and ability to make different choices this time, not coming from your wounding but coming from the truth of who you are.

Photo credit: James McSherry

The Energy of Hope

As human beings, we have the capacity to experience a broad range of emotions. These emotions are housed in our emotional body. As we take the time to become more self-aware and open to feeling our feelings, we activate new deeper refined levels of our emotional body.
Hope is an emotion that we may not consciously connect to on a daily basis, but nevertheless, it is a positive frequency that I encourage us all to feel and experience.

Hope is a strong but calming force of our heart frequency that has the power to overcome negativity, despair, fear, and feeling stuck and defeated. Without hope in our lives, we could dread the future, rather than looking forward to it. Without hope, we may get easily discouraged when we are having to push through personal circumstances. Without hope, we may lack the courage to keep taking steps forward in the directions of our dreams, desires and life mission. Without hope, we more than likely expect the worst to happen. Then, in turn, the power of attraction, brings forth the frequencies of mediocre, negative, or challenging experiences into our lives.

So, perhaps the fact that you are reading this today is a sign that your emotional self is requesting more hope, that your heart is ready to feel more hope, or that hope will carry you through whatever is going on in your life. Take the time to feel the frequency of hope in your heart. Feel it like a rose bud that starts out small and tight then imagine the energy of hope expanding out in your heart like a beautiful flower. This brief but beneficial visualization helps to cultivate a deeper connection to our heart. We all have the ability to bring through powerful and positive emotions like hope to support and enhance our daily lives.

Photo Credit: James McSherry

Valuing Our Own Energy 

Some of the most valuable resources we have to offer the world and the people around us is our energy and our time. And being respectful and mindful of our own energy and time is a form of self-care.
The precious riches of our time and energy must be appreciated, firstly by ourselves but also by those around us. A true exercise of self-care is when we can walk away from people and experiences that do not value or appreciate who we are or what we do, or that require us to compromise our integrity or hurt our well-being.
Now of course there may be many 'karmic' reasons that can hinder or thwart the decision to leave these kinds of situations. Some of these reasons could include feelings of obligation towards family or friends, fear of change, or a lack of inner strength. However, there is no need to succumb to these reasons and remain in a situation; rather, all of these things can be worked on. These are some of the reasons as to why a client may come for a healing session with me and working through them energetically leads the person to new levels of empowerment, fulfilment, well-being and self-care.

So, this weekend let us look at the wonderful personal assets that we have. Let us assess as to whether we are using and sharing them in a way that aligns with our well-being and integrity. If not, then let us redefine how, when and with whom we share and use them with.

Photo credit: James McSherry.

The Planets Are Going Backwards. Are You?

Astrologically-speaking, we are currently situated in a very unique time right now, with 7 of the connected planets to Earth in retrograde.
Retrograde is when a planet appears to be going backwards, but this is just an illusion as the planet always revolves around the Sun in the same direction. This perceived change in motion shifts the planet’s influence, and gives us a wonderful opportunity to take on its energy more internally, and from this heal, grow and move on.

Here is a brief overview of the planets retrograde timings and how they can support your internal process:

Pluto (April 27 to Oct. 6) - Inner transformation and release
Saturn (May 23 to Oct. 10) - Analyzing and rethinking beliefs
Jupiter (June 20 to Oct. 18) – Internal growth and calm
Neptune (June 25 to Dec. 1) – Clarity with no illusions
Chiron (July 15 to Dec. 19) – Deep emotional healing
Uranus (Aug. 19 to Jan. 18, 2022) – Inner change and independence
Mercury (Sept. 27 to Oct. 18)- It’s time to finish what you started

So, if over the next few weeks and months you are feeling old issues coming to the surface or the same old dynamics being played out time and again, or it feels as if you are going backwards, it would be helpful to look at the above and see if it gives you some insight into how you are being affected by our universe.

Taking time to deal with the intensity of emotions or experiences that come up at this time is always recommended. Know you are being triggered for your highest good, for the deep healing your soul has requested, and the change that is needed here on planet Earth. Of course you can always request energetic support via the healings I facilitate at

Our Intuition 

This past week my intuition has been very heightened. I have been receiving strong messages and have been feeling altered. This happened on the day before the full moon and also on the day of the full moon. When I listened to my intuition and made plans, the plans went through smoothly and effortlessly.

Everyone has intuition and it is important that we listen to our intuition as it can guide us through our travels on our life’s journey. Our intuition can be heightened at certain points of time like the full moon. The full moon’s energy helps us to tap into our subconscious and intuition, gaining insight about ourselves. Listening to our intuition can help us choose which road to take as well as to help show us our potential and deepest yearnings.
Experiencing our intuition can come in different forms for each of us. Some people have feelings in their gut. Some people experience tingling in their third eye. Some people have pressure in their sinuses. Some people experience buzzing on the top of their head or crown chakra.

We create a stronger link to our intuition by using it. Taking leaps of faith by following the guidance our intuition gives us can reinforce and strengthen our connection when things work out as it suggested.
The sessions that I facilitate, help to clear old restrictions, limitations and past life trauma connected to our intuition from the past. Taking away old energetic debris that clouds our intuitive mind and stops us from having faith in our own personal abilities is important to being able to optimally use one’s intuition.

So, if working with your intuition is something you are interested in, then I can help. Take a look at my website for more information.

Photo credit: Inez P. Vega.
Taken at Pier #84 New York City.

Self Care

Many of us have natural inclinations to help, assist and support those around us. Many of us do this sincerely and from our hearts. The fulfillment, or satisfaction we get from helping is to see the people become situated in a better place in their lives. And we hope that the people we help pay it forward by helping others. Sometimes, however, there are situations where this is not of benefit for us or others, and we must behave differently. Here are three such situations that come to mind.

1) For the most part, people are not ready to change unless they are asking for help, so it is important to not enforce your desire for their change onto them. You will only be met with opposition and resistance.

2) Dealing with someone's negative outlook and toxic traits can be very draining and all-consuming, so it is important to protect yourself energetically and keep this type of relationship in balance, and if needed find your own support.

3) Your gut feeling often just knows when a dynamic is not right for you or a relationship is complete, and that's OK. Staying because of guilt, obligation or what others may think, is not of benefit to either party and leads to even more unhealthy patterns.

Recognizing unhealthy situations is not always easy. It takes internal strength to look at one's life truthfully. And then it takes courage to be able to make the changes from what you see.
The work that I facilitate can help you deal with these kinds of circumstances and support you through the challenges of change, no matter what the subject matter or situation is. Know that you are not alone, and you have the ability to create and change your life.

Processing Our Emotions - Next Step

Last week I wrote about how we process our emotions. Not only did this resonate with people, but it also brought up something interesting and that is how do we deal with and process our negative emotions without projecting them onto others?
By allowing ourselves to feel more deeply, we may find that our negative emotions come to the surface more easily, which include feelings of anger, irritability, frustration and sadness. This can be overwhelming, and the slightest thing can trigger a negative emotional reaction within ourselves.

For example, you may find yourself in a situation where your internal emotions are brewing and bubbling up. Then a family member, friend or colleague says something to you, and the next thing you know, you are reacting and spewing your emotions onto that person which may be anger, upset, frustration etc. When we take a step back, we see more than likely that we have overreacted. Yes, the outburst has made us feel better, but it is not fair or right for the other person to be on the receiving end of the triggered emotions.

The way I deal with this is to feel, heal and move on. So, when you feel any type of emotions come up inside, take a moment to STOP, breathe, and go deep within yourself for just a few seconds. FEEL the emotions, feel them deeply, the more you feel them in that moment, the quicker they will dissipate. By doing this, you are taking those seconds to HEAL the origins of this emotion. Once you feel the emotion disappear (or lessen) then it is time to move on. No dwelling, no regurgitation, no hanging onto the drama. Take a breath, and know that you are moving forwards with less emotional baggage now.
By doing this, you are taking responsibility for your emotions rather than dumping them onto others. You are also internally healing and becoming even more in touch with yourself because of it.
In summary, not projecting our feelings onto others is all part of refining our emotional body, and helping us to become more at peace in our lives.

Photo Credit: Isaac Martinez. Taken at Todos Santos, Mexico

Hurrican Ida - Processing Our Emotions

The recent weather situation of Hurricane Ida combined with my personal experience leads me here today to consider how we process our emotions.
A hurricane starts small and builds and builds, gaining more momentum and energy as it goes along. When reaching its peak, it can cause mass destruction and death, as it has done in my local area.
Our emotions are actually quite similar. If we do not allow ourselves to feel them, process them, and release them, they can be destructive. If we push our emotions away, force them down, or limit their role in our lives, then our emotions can either explode externally in rage, frustration and pain, or they can implode internally causing disease and illness.

Processing our emotions is as simple as:
* Accepting we have emotions, and acknowledging that they can come up at anytime
* Feeling our emotions and allowing them to be a part of our conscious day-to-day existence.
* Not judging our emotions, whatever comes up for us is perfectly okay

Most of us have resistance to at least one of the above. We predominantly live in our brain and our mental plane rather than in our heart and with our emotions. Living in our brains, we construct self-defense mechanisms and resistance to wanting to feel and experience our emotions. Feeling our emotions and feelings more is something we all need to work on. This is why I am sharing these thoughts with you, as something to reflect upon and to consider in your pursuit of well-being. This weekend why not try to take some time to tune-in to how you are feeling, rather than what you are thinking and see what comes up for you. You may be surprised and learn something new about yourself.
While Hurricane Ida may be gone, leaving lots of clean-up work, but the learning we can take from its energy is a silver-lining for us all.

Practical Re-birth

After all the purging, moving and change that I have been doing the last few months, I am starting to feel the energies of re-birthing, not just internally, but in my environment also. This has been occurring in my life in many different ways. Here are some main points, that you might resonate with.

*Life feels more positive and hopeful
*More motivated to work on things that I have been wanting to work on for a while and have not had an opportunity to work on
* Strong and persistent feelings to do something creative and to manifest them
*New opportunities arise - keep an eye out for all the new things that come your way, as the universe gives you the options for you to choose your next steps
*A new identity is emerging - re-birthing can appear in a new sense of style, and re-decorating your home in order to express your internal changes externally.

The energies of re-birth are certainly times to enjoy, celebrate and savor as you create and establish the next chapter in your book of life. So, who is with me in feeling the rebirth energy right now? Let me know in the comments below.

Photo and editing credit: Luis Cabrera Suarez and Diamond Multimedia Productions


I very recently moved my office; it has been an interesting experience, and at some points it has felt a bit overwhelming. As I am anchoring more into this new space however, I find myself feeling better on every level and coming into a sense of renewal, peace. In fact, a new part of myself is emerging. These feelings were confirmed for me the other day when I realized that the picture that is hanging literally right outside my office door is a Lion, the animal associated with LyonHart-Amrie! Initially I felt startled and shaken because I had not noticed the picture before. However, as the moment of synchronicity filtered into me, I felt a positive shift inside and was grateful for this message from the Universe and the confirmation it gave me, that I had done the right thing by moving to this location.

For me, this is what synchronicity is about, a reassurance that we are doing well and on the right path. It helps us springboard into new levels of belief no matter how big or small the experience, and from that, new energy can filter-in to help us to continue taking the next step or steps forward. Carl Jung said, “Synchronicity is an ever-present reality for those who have eyes to see.”
I wanted to write this piece to remind us to be ever-present to the magic of synchronicity in our lives. So, if you have been praying for a sign, asking for guidance, or just wondering about the next opportunity for yourself, then allow yourself to be open to the process of synchronicity. Numbers, imagery, symbols, words, and repeated experiences are all common ways in which we can pick up on synchronicity. Some examples are: seeing numbers that are important to you or to your loved ones or your clients during your work or travels; seeing imagery that is important to you; or hearing something said on the radio that feels important to you, that is then repeated in a magazine and similarly by a person the same day. All of these are sure fire signs that there are opportunities present, and you need to follow up. At first, these messages may seem like they are hiding or in disguise. However, the more we allow ourselves to piece them together, the more they become part of our everyday experiences and support our inner navigation of life. What a true blessing.

Gratitude as an Attitude

We all have experienced moments of feeling genuine gratitude in our lives. The birth of a child, the completion of a big project, receiving a touching gift. These types of moments involve deep heartfelt spontaneous emotions. They are full of joy and positivity. Life feels uplifting, even if only for just a few moments.

While these significant experiences and emotions may not be a daily occurrence in our lives, we can still harness the power of gratitude and the worthwhile energy it brings.

Gratitude in this sense, is more practical. A conscious decision to choose it as an outlook, an attitude, a way of Being. Choosing to be grateful is a conscious way to participate in your life in a way that means you end up noticing there is much more good in the world than there is bad.

Here are 3 easy tips to help with practicing gratitude.

* Engagement. We all say “thank you” on a daily basis, but are we truly in engagement with that well of emotion when we say it? By truly engaging, we become conscious of the heartfelt experience and feel good inside.

* Start small. It is easy to be grateful for the big things in life, but if we can appreciate our morning coffee, the sunshine, and the way in which our new pen writes so beautifully, we start to piece together moments of positivity and can feel uplifted.

* Create a list. At the end of the day, take a few moments to be grateful for all you have received. Add at least one new point to an ongoing list on your phone or by the side of your bed. You can look back at this list at anytime as an encouragement and reminder of all the good that there is in your life.

Taking just one of these simple steps sets us on the path of gratitude being our new outlook, our new attitude. Being grateful shifts us into a new way of feeling, to not take things for granted, and allows our experience of life to be inspired and elevated just by going about our everyday lives.

Are You Feeling Overwhelmed at This Time?

As mentioned in my post last week, tomorrow 08/08/2021 is the peak of the Lions Gateway Portal. Due to this increased energy transmitting between the physical and spiritual realms, we might be feeling overwhelmed with some of the tasks or situations that are in front of us. So, this is my reminder to you, that everything that is happening in your life right now is truly perfect. If you feel stressed due to numerous work deadlines, that is perfect. If you feel an emotional build up inside but you have no idea why, this is perfect. If you are confused or struggling with relationships, this is perfect. If you feel out of sorts, ungrounded and not yourself, this is perfect.
Try to take a second right now to trust in the process of the Universe as the challenge or challenges you may be currently facing are actually gifts to help empower and strengthen you. Take a deep breath, open your heart, and surrender to what is in front of you. Whatever the circumstance, you are more than capable of dealing with it. You can overcome the situation, and soon you will be learning, healing, and finding new levels of freedom by working through this challenge. Focusing on each breath is a good way to overcome feelings of overwhelm. Giving your full attention to each part of a task, being fully present to conversations and interactions, feeling your heart energy in each moment even when highly stressed, are all great ways to deal with what we might be experiencing at this time. So, let’s try and shift our consciousness into living in the now, rather than our past, or our future. In this way, we can feel less overwhelmed, and instead are able to enjoy our lives in a peaceful and more fulfilling way.

Lions Gateway 2021

If you are looking for a spiritual upgrade or an opportunity to embody more Divine light, then now is the time to tune in to the cosmic energy that is now flowing abundantly around us.
The Lions Gate Portal reaches its peak on 8/8/2021. It opened on July 28th and runs until August 12th; during this time there is a good few weeks of increased energy transmitting between the physical and spiritual realms.
Observed for thousands of years and having roots in ancient Egypt, this is a gateway honored by many civilizations as a time of great astrological and spiritual importance, as the Earth and the star Sirius come into alignment.
The influx and activation of light through the energy of Sirius is very much directed to our personal power and the multitude of ways in which we use it. So be on the lookout for circumstances that trigger you in this area, as they are the opportunities that will bring healing, growth and awakening at this time.
This portal is named as such, due to its placement occurring in the astrological sign of Leo and its animal, the Lion.
Leo/Lion energy is all about the heart and how we use it to express our Divine light out into the world, through our purpose and passion. So, the Lions Gate Portal brings wonderfully supportive heart energy into the Sirian power center at the present time.
As we awaken more to our personal journey, this balance between the power center and heart becomes a strong focus for embodying the spiritual into physical form and our true Divine empowerment. So, this Lion's Gateway provides us with lots of deep support, healing, and manifestation for us now and our future selves too. How very exciting and a great gift for us all!!

Cleanse, Purge, Let Go

Are You Feeling Stuck? Projects Stagnating? Frustrations Running High?

When life feels sluggish, as if work is too hard and lacks clarity it is more than likely that we are carrying around old negative energies that we no longer need. This is when it is time to cleanse, purge, and let go, as we are not able to allow the new in when the old is still taking up so much space.
Some tips to help you with letting go of old energy include:
* Tune into and allow your emotions to flow - If you have been holding onto or trying to push down your emotions recently, then now is the time to deal with them. Listen to some moving music, watch an emotional film, or just give yourself some time to sit with how you feel inside.
* Engage in cleansing – The sluggish heavy feelings that come up at this time are from the old no longer needed energies that we are carrying around. Extra bathing, showers, walking in nature and using cleansing tools like sage, help us to let go of this type of residue.
* Purging - The desire to throw out items is very normal when you are letting go and represents what is happening on the inside. Whether it is in your office, your closet or your home, the feelings of wanting to get rid of things is very real, so follow these vibes and get sorting.
* Letting go energetically - Sometimes when we are in a big shift, none of the above can fully help us to get to where we want to be. That’s when it is time to support an internal energetic shift that ripples out into all aspects of your life. The Transference Healing sessions that I run are ideal for this. Transference Healing assists you with releasing the known and unknown things that you are carrying, releasing old patterns, restrictions and things that are holding you back. You can read more about these sessions on my website at
In whichever way we choose to do it, in order to be able to move forward along our journey of becoming whole and complete, we must cleanse, purge and let go. So, if you are feeling stuck, stagnant or frustrated then why not try one of the above; it is a positive way to help yourself and move towards stepping into the new you.

Living In The Now

When I am dancing, I feel joyful, exhilarated and in my heart. I am present to my body, the music, the rhythm, and the movement. My head gives up on thinking and my energy instead goes towards feeling and being. It is an opportunity for me to be present and experience “in the moment.” and a great tool to help us be our true selves.
Most of humanity functions daily from the mental plane, living in patterns from their past or projecting themselves into their future. This is energetically exhausting and makes it hard to get into contact with our hearts, our inner voices, and the guidance of Spirit regarding our Divine paths. Being in the mental plane and thinking about the past and future during the present moment also makes our lives more stressful, anxious, and can mean that life goes so quickly, without us truly taking the time to live it.
By living in the now we create trust in ourselves and the universe. For example, we can let go of concerns about our performance, our abilities, and the outcome. By living in the now our past experiences will not be re-created, and we will not manifest a future of the same continued story. We can cultivate an experience of personal truth as we get in touch with how we really feel rather than what has happened previously or what we feel the future has in store for us. By attuning to this consciousness, we can find new levels of freedom, peace, and self-love and that is definitely worth the “mind fullness” that it takes to be more present.
Of course, it's not just dance that can help us understand how to engage with ourselves in this way. Other hobbies like art, cooking, walking, as well as everyday chores like cleaning, grooming, and traveling to work, can also be of great benefit. All we have to do is live and be present in each moment of that experience, bringing ourselves back into the now, when our minds wander, returning to feeling rather than thinking. These activities are a great way to engage in a type of meditation and self-care. It will take practice to get to where you want to be, but the outcome of living a more authentic, stress-free, trusting life is worth it. Give it a go while chopping your vegetables for dinner this evening or while walking. Just keep aligning with yourself, your truth, and your heart; experience the difference this can make for you.

Engagement From Our Hearts

How we treat others in any given moment is a huge representation of our heart frequency and our levels of inner compassion. Treating others in a way that we would like to be treated ourselves, is a very good rule of consciousness, but it is not always easy. In our busy stressful lives we can be triggered and forget this intention. Chiding a server because they forgot your order, responding aggressively to a family member who says the wrong thing, ignoring a cashier who politely asks how your day is. We have all been in these and other similar circumstances where we have the opportunity to come from our hearts rather than our heads, but miss the mark. But do not let these experiences take you off your compassionate heart journey, they are just blips in the process of being human, it happens to us all.

Compassion can come in many forms. For example, not judging people by their past, listening fully without interjecting or waiting for your turn to speak, allowing others to rise up, rather than put them down, engaging with people around you, especially those who may need help. People do not come into our life by accident: each person is there to help, teach and guide us, in the best way they know how, even if it is just for a few moments. Acting compassionately can also mean not taking other people’s words and actions personally; we really have no idea what is going on inside each person we meet and why they may say or do the things they do.

So today, as we go about our business, let’s engage from our hearts with the people we come across, whether we know them or we don’t. Whether we like them or we don’t. Rather than come from judgement, ego and negativity, let us choose instead to come
from a state of heart consciousness

Manifestation…Is it Myth, Magic, or Real?

Manifestation is the ability to bring nothing, into something tangible that becomes part of your physical reality by your own personal intentions, beliefs and actions. Examples of positive and empowering manifestation can be anything from a new job to your dream life and everything else in between.
Whether you believe manifestation as an actual power, or think of it as being myth or magic, I do personally feel there are some interesting aspects to the process. People that work with the power of manifestation to enrich their lives and empower themselves have similar guidelines that include:
1. Be clear - the Universe finds it hard to support you, if you are unsure of your own direction or have fractured ideas. Try to focus on one thing at a time.
2. Visualise - Write down your intention, have it around you somewhere so that you can see it. See the words appear in your meditation. Use your goal as a mantra. Create a vision board of your dream.
3. Work out the steps to get there. Even if your goal seems unobtainable right now, there are still steps you can take to keep working towards it; writing them down gives you a map to negotiate the journey as and when the possibilities allow.
4. Gratitude. Believe from your heart that your manifestation is on its way. Give thanks for the things that bring you closer to your desired end goal. Feel the power of positive energy on your side.
5. Get out of your own way. We all have limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging tendencies, and lack of self worth that stops us from manifesting what is in our hearts. Along the journey of manifestation, these will come to light, for they are part of what blocks us in living our dreams. So take the time to be honest about what you find challenging about your goals. Dig deep and do the inner work and the outer rewards are sure to follow.
I feel that all of these guidelines are a great way to live our lives whether we are focusing on manifestation or not; they give us substance, strength, and the opportunity to have a more truthful and meaningful life experience.

The Power of Connection

We are part of an interdependent universe and everything is connected because everything is energy. Elemental frequencies designate the solidified substance of matter that we know on earth, but we are vibrating energy just like the sun's rays, the moonlight and the stars that shine down upon us.
This past year has shown many of us how important our one-on-one connection to nature is, to support our well-being and health. We also may have felt the significance of our relationships with others, our friends and family. The heart connection we experience being in their presence, the connectedness through hugs and physical touch, is very soothing to our emotional and mental health. Our community experience may have expanded our interconnectedness to those around us. Our united beliefs and mission, linking us together in a positive way, fueled our passion and purpose. Finally, our spiritual alignment and connection may have been highlighted and deepened, as we have gone within to find answers to deeper questions through challenging times. This brings such a soothing to our soul, an alignment to a power beyond our consciousness, and a connection to all that is.
Experiencing the things that I have written about above is such an important part of our human existence and life here on earth. We have much to learn from these connections. I encourage you to take a deeper look at them and see what they are offering and providing for you, on so many levels.

Being Grounded

The earth has an electrical current that runs through it. Our ancestors who slept on the ground and walked barefoot on the earth, connected themselves to this energy and harnessed this connection for natural health and well-being. This process is called “grounding.” You probably know this term from electrical work that has to be “grounded” into the earth for safety purposes.
In our world today, people sleep in beds above the ground, work in high rise buildings, and wear shoes. All of these things can restrict us from being and feeling grounded. Studies have shown in recent years that being grounded can help to decrease inflammation and pain, reduce stress levels, and help with circulation.
For me, when I am feeling “out of sorts,” the first thing I ask myself is, “Am I grounded?” Now in my life and I am sure in most of yours too, I do not have the time or the opportunity to ground like the ancestors did, so I ground in a different way. I take a deep breath, I drop my entire being and my focus into my feet, and then imagine, sense, or feel a line of energy running from underneath both of the soles of my feet down into ground. You can visualize the lines of energy going into the earth, about 6 inches down and then resonating out like a ball as it connects and stabilizes with the earth’s electrical current. After doing this for just a few seconds I feel much better; I feel more in balance, able to think clearer and my body is more energized.
So, why don’t you give this brief but helpful exercise a try right now, and especially when you are feeling strange or symptomatic, but you have no reason why. Grounding is a great fix for so many things in life, and it literally takes seconds to complete. Let me know below, how it goes for you.

To Keep Our Word or Not

At times, due to our in-built desire to please, we overcommit ourselves to work, tasks, and duties. We find ourselves agreeing to something without even realizing how it will impact us because we are so used to saying yes and getting on with things, without thinking too much about ourselves. At this very moment we may have a long list of promises, commitments, and pledges that we are unsure of how we going to get through and keep our word. Consider this however…how about being honest with ourselves about the things we cannot do right now, rather than just ignoring the situation and hoping it will go away. Yes, it is hard to look at ourselves in that way and it may bring up all kinds of feelings to be able to recognize that we cannot do everything, but I feel this is a great learning for ourselves and others around us. Communicating our change of circumstances or even re-negotiating a time frame for our commitment is still behaving in integrity and is much more appropriate than overlooking and disregarding your word completely.
So, why not take a look at your list of things to do right now? Which tasks did you take on out of obligation? Are there any that you now feel are unsuitable? Take a few minutes to re-connect to that person and find a new way to be in integrity about the situation. You will feel much more at ease with yourself, your truth, and you will be honoring your own time and energy.

Shine the Light of Ourselves

Sometimes, due to our busy daily lives, external negative influences and inner personal dynamics, we can forget our sense of self and the worth that we hold. The fact that we are all unique individuals, living our lives to the best of our abilities, is an important thing to remember. We do not need to have a high-powered role in our community, be a leader of a platform of people, or be a person of religion or faith to make a difference. Just by being ourselves, we shine out our own personal light and frequency that touches others. And this happens 99% of the time without us even realizing or knowing it. A simple greeting of acknowledgment to another person, words of wisdom spoken from your heart, the love you give to others, these all make such a difference and are all naturally part of you just being you.

This is my theme for the week, to remember that each moment I have an opportunity to shine my light by just being ‘me.’ The more I can embody who I truly am, the flow of my light shines easily, without me even having to think or process it. If we could all see this about ourselves, we would be able to hold onto the magic of who we are, our sense of self, and our blessed uniqueness.

Moving House

This week, there has been a lot of focus for myself and those around me on ‘moving.’ This is no
surprise due to the re-birthing energies that spring brings and the manifestation of the inner
changes we go through at this time of year. If we can allow ourselves to go with this, we may
find our outer environment changing as much as our inner self. While it can be a challenging
time to move our life from one place to another, it is sure to bring about positive changes.

Moving is an opportunity for a fresh start, often a re-invention of ourself, our personal space, and
it is a good time to embrace any kind of new identity that has been coming through. Meeting
new neighbors, decorating your space, going to new shops or services, all give us the opportunity
to be our new authentic self, leaving the old parts of the self behind at our previous locations.
Moving also provides the opportunity to plant our feet and grid ourselves into different parts of
mother nature. Even moving just a few miles down the road can hold a different energy, with
new frequencies and elements that will naturally support us and our changes.
So, rest assured if you are being guided to move at this time, trust that everything is going to be
just fine, and the work will be worth it. Your new location will provide you with all that you
need for this next exciting chapter of your life.

Springtime Energies

Springtime energies are upon us and I have been feeling the ancient Gods and Goddesses that relate to these times including Eostre. Eostre was a Goddess of fertility and renewal and she was celebrated at the spring equinox. Eostre ushered in the first warm spring winds, the awakening of nature, the animals’ and birds’ nest-making, and the growth of buds, leaves and flowers. Rabbits, hares and chickens were associated with her presence as they also represent strong fertility symbols and the circle of life that starts in spring. When organized religion wanted to integrate with the ancient ways, many of the old themes were integrated into the new, and it is believed that the name Easter comes from the Goddess Eostre.

No matter what the past holds, I am definitely feeling the spring time frequencies changing my day-to-day inner energies and experiences. I am feeling that I have more inner vitality (Re-new); my physical body is more energetic and now able to process things easier. New projects and ideas are manifesting (Fertility) that I feel passionate about, and my enthusiasm for life is more prominent. I can feel who I was during this past winter is slowly being left behind, and I am looking forward to the me that is emerging with this new spring energy and this next chapter of life (Re-birth). So, this weekend, let us celebrate who we are and what is to come into fruition as we experience and undergo the shifts of the seasons both internally and externally.

The Power of Words

I have had a contrasting time this week my friends, a week of duality I guess you could say.
International Women’s Day brought into my world some lovely vibrations, beautiful honoring words spoken and a genuine appreciation of the Divine Feminine on social media that was encouraging and gave me hope. Sadly, I also experienced the exact opposite, seeing online messages of dis-respect, harsh words spoken on social media and discourteous energy projected towards the feminine.
What stood out from me in this and my learning for this week is, how powerful words are. When reading some of these posts and articles, it is like the words jumped out the page and struck me in the power center. I felt the energy behind the words, and the personal pain and upset of the person and why they chose to use them.
There is no doubt that our global communication style has changed very much in recent years with technology advancements and social media becoming so widely used. It seems that this reality has encouraged us to verbally dump our undealt with emotions and experiences onto others and to forget about the power of what we are sharing and expressing.
I feel this quote by Yehuda Berg says so much about what I am feeling this week.

“Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. We can choose to use this force constructively with words of encouragement, or destructively using words of despair. Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate and to humble.”

I feel it is important to understand that words are not harmless, they have energy, they have history, they have power, and this can really impact others. It is important for us all to be mindful of the words we express and use, to help us shift and change in positive ways for ourselves and the mass consciousness too.

Clearing Out The Old

As the seasons start to slowly shift and we enter into another month of 2021, the universal and natural energies inside of us are changing also.

At the start of this week, I was feeling like I was weighed down, heavy, and carrying excess things that I did not need. This week, in my professional life, I have been working towards completing tasks that I have been looking to finish for a long time. These tasks that have been in the back of my mind and own my “to-do” list but I never had the energy to follow through with. I have been literally de-cluttering, throwing out old unneeded papers and documents; it has been a very big clean-up. Slowly as the days have gone on, and with taking my positive steps at work each day, I have been freeing myself up, feeling lighter, and less burdened.

I now feel like a large chunk of the past can be cleared, an old part of my identity can be released, and my office itself can be less cluttered and restricted. This now frees up my energy, creates a new open pathway for me to allow some new opportunities to start to germinate. I am ready for the springtime.
So, this weekend if you are feeling the need to complete something, the desire to sort out, throw out or just to have a good clean up, then just go for it. Know you are getting rid of your old unwanted energies and making way for better new things to come in for the next few weeks and months.
As we rapidly approach the February full moon, it has been energetically pulling up some deep emotions for us all, illuminating things that we have tried to push away and have been suppressing deep within ourselves.

I feel at this time many of us are processing deep emotions connected to the passing of loved ones, former abuse and injustices that we have suffered, as well as feelings of isolation and a general fear of life right now.
The full moon is helping us to bring these feelings to the surface so we can clear them.
At times like this, feeling is literally healing; it happens in the moment. Feeling supports flow, expansion, and peace. If we do not allow ourselves to feel and heal, we get stuck, restricted, and weighed down by our emotions.

So, this weekend as the full moon shines so beautifully, let's find our inner strength and courage. Take a deep breath. Allow ourselves to connect in with how and what we feel.
All it takes is a few moments of quiet, to connect into our heart and allow ourselves these moments to access any type of grief, trauma, and fear. It does not matter if the emotions do not make sense to you or are not relevant to your current situation. The point is feeling is healing and you are releasing old suppression that is ready to depart. You might like to visualize that an energetic white light up is running up and through your body after this experience; this will help to lift out and clear any emotional debris.
Once you have had those few minutes of feeling and healing, it is then time to move on. Do not dwell or keep re-visiting in your head the emotions you have just experienced. Know that you have allowed the emotions to come up, you have felt them, you have positively dealt with them, and you will do this again, when it is necessary.
This is such an empowered way of dealing with our emotions, that is, allowing ourselves to flow with life, to be free and unconstrained. So, why not try it this weekend. It is a lot easier than you might think and will help you to feel so much better in the moment.

Permission To Take Time For You

Our ancestors always took this time of year to just “Be.” During the cold winter months, they were experiencing the depths of the death because the natural world around them was breaking down. With hardly anything growing, animals hibernating, and the external weather and environment making their simple life static, they chose to rest, rejuvenate, be still, and focus inward.
In the modern world we no longer have this luxury of flowing with the seasons. We go to work and we live life in a hurry with many demands. We have devices in our homes that keep us tuned into the external part of our lives. We just do not get the same opportunities as when we lived so close to the land.
During today, Friday, in preparation for the weekend, I feel it is a good time to remember that energetically this time of the year is not for action, doing, or planning, and that naturally our bodies want to be in some kind of form of hibernation and stillness. In a few weeks the energy will start to change again and then the timing of creation, moving forward, and productivity will feel more natural and germane.
So, this is a sign lovely people. Give yourself permission to take some time out, to relax, to rejuvenate, and to allow yourself to be in the stillness that this season naturally brings.

Just Say No!

The days feel like they are flying by this week, and here I am again with you, sharing the wisdom that life brings my way, and how we all have the opportunity to improve our state of being with these small lessons.

This week I am feeling how it is so important, now more than ever, as we are becoming increasingly sensitive and aware, to identify and move away from situations that make us feel uncomfortable or somehow not quite right, even if we cannot provide a logical reason nor are able to articulate why.

Most of us find it difficult to say ‘No.’ Often we get caught up in feelings of judgement, guilt and obligation rather than truly considering how we feel about the situation and whether it is actually right for us. We all change on a regular basis and what was good for us even just a few months ago, may now feel quite different and not suitable, even if mentally or logically we cannot reason why. It could be something as simple as saying no to a phone call with a family member who repeats the same issues every time you speak, declining an invitation, declining to represent a prospective client, or choosing to exercise alone.

In energetic terms, there are situations, circumstances and people that can drain our energy, bring us down, and create drama around us that we do not have to be a part of. For me personally when this kind of situation arises, I feel a burn in my stomach, I feel anxious, and there is something that tugs on my insides telling me no, do not do it, it is a bad idea.

When we choose to say no to such experiences, we choose our own self-care. We learn to trust in our instincts and have faith in our own feelings, making ourselves a priority. Now more than ever it is important with all that is happening in the world, to protect our energy so that we do not get depleted and drained.
So, take a look at your schedule, your circumstances and life this week. Is there something that feels like it is a burden, gives you pause, creates strange sensations in your body, or just feels wrong for you? If so, then how would it feel to cancel it or even reschedule to a time that you are feeling more like it? Look at what feelings come up when you consider this, and then let that guilt, judgement and obligation go!

Speak Up, Speak Out

Last week on my social media pages, I wrote about integrity and how it can be challenging to Be in truth. At different times in my life, I have been faced with situations that have led me to speak up and share my truth to the people around me, including those in power. Speaking the truth can feel overwhelming, be unnerving and take a great amount of courage. However, the alternative of not being in our truth is disempowering and can be detrimental to our well-being, causing us to feel uneasy, anxious and worried, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

When you speak your truth, it is important to say your truth coming from your heart so as to be able to share your words sincerely, with love and grace. When we speak our truth we actually clear and de-code our patterns of personal disempowerment, our inner fear of abuse of power and control, and our fear of being persecuted for being our true selves. When we take a leap of faith to speak up, to go against the grain, or to just be who we are, we give ourselves permission to become truly empowered. When we become empowered, the old outdated inner programming of disempowerment is released. What a relief it is to let go of the feelings of disempowerment, and how encouraging it is that we can embrace who we are at a core level.

Have you had experiences like this in your life, moments where you cannot keep quiet, or have you encountered situations that you can no longer ignore? Sometimes in life we can see the areas where we want or need to be more truthful, vocal, forthcoming, or honest, but taking action can feel overwhelming, scary or intimidating. If this is where you find yourself right now, it might be helpful to have a Transference Healing session to energetically help you breakthrough in this area. A Transference Healing session will not only facilitate the breaking down of the old inner patterns to let go and move on, but will also give you practical tips on dealing with things you are working on in your life right now.

Being in Truth - Integrity

Integrity has always had an integral role in the fabric of my being. This week, integrity has been my musing in particular as things have played out in my life. I have been called to pause, reflect, and focus on the relevance of integrity within one’s being, and with its relationship to others, the world, and the universe.
Integrity in the dictionary is quoted as 'the state of being whole and undivided.' I certainly agree with this, especially from an energetic point of view.
When we are out of integrity, we are not Being our truth. Rather, we are shielding, manipulating or misinforming ourselves and those around us, and because of this our energy gets fractured, distorted and weak. When we are in integrity, we are allowing the fullness of our Being to be cast out into the world, without limitation or fear. Our life force energy flows freely. We resonate more from our heart and people can feel this truth.
Integrity is not easy. It takes a lot of strength to work through the layers of this kind of consciousness. Being in integrity means to represent who we truly are at all times, that is, aligning the inner self and the outer self as one. This means that we may face challenging dynamics with others about our truth, or that we may have to surrender our ego when things go wrong because of our actions. This is all part of the learning process of being human and is a very positive thing. However, it may not feel like it at the time of reckoning, and this is why we need our inner strength.
The energy of integrity is stored in our power center. Going through this journey of being in truth is all part of our empowerment process. So, I invite you to join me in looking at integrity and how it plays out in your life. Are your inner and your outer self in alignment? Can you take responsibility for what you feel and feel comfortable sharing it with others? Can you walk your talk in your personal and professional life? These all are good things to be contemplating and working on to help us to keep growing and becoming truly empowered.

Grid Hoping

Over the weekend I was exploring and walking while in Maryland visiting several suburbs of Washington D.C. Going out in nature and into the elements is so important to me because it restores and balances my energy, relaxes my mind and helps me to process my emotions. I also like to get out to new places in order to experience the grid lines of different locations. Gridlines or ley lines are naturally occurring layers of light and energy that circumnavigate our earth, overlapping and intersecting, and moving and flowing in all directions. Ley lines are found in great numbers at sacred sites because our ancestors knew and felt their great healing properties and energetic importance, and so they placed sacred connection points where grid lines met and crossed.
Today we can all receive the benefit of these gridlines just by being outside, walking near, around, or on them, and having the intention to receive their positive energy.
I personally do not always know when I am on a gridline. However, at times, my feet may tingle and I feel electricity running up and through my body, or I may feel intense feelings flood through my body, or I may feel an intense connection with the earth and heavens, and that is when I know I am onto something.
At the locations that I was in, I felt some attunement with the gridlines that run through Washington, D.C., which is poignant and interesting considering the changes that are happening in that area at this time. So, with all of this, it is my great encouragement for you to enjoy your walks in nature knowing that there are great energetic support systems below your feet just waiting for you to feel, connect into and receive their vibrant healing properties.

Expressions of Humor

As a person, I am always looking to work on myself and understand the energy around me to benefit my own growth and enlightenment process and the work I do with clients. In recent times, life has been challenging and many of us have been feeling serious and worried. With so much going on in our community country and world, it is hard not to sometimes get caught up in the weight of the current climate.

Humor is a good way to counteract these feelings of heaviness, especially with our friends, family
and loved ones, and so recently I have been tuning into the energy of joking around.
What I have experienced in my world and in the mainstream media is that humor tends to often be at the expense of others, focusing on differences, stereotyping, and putting others down, even if only in a subtle way. In personal circumstances humor can also be a way of expressing unconscious emotions including aggression, frustration and desires that seek release from within. I have also seen it play out as a way to air grievances, to release pent-up emotions including anger and judgement, and to assert power and control over others. While we may feel that expressing humor in this way makes us feel good and is empowering, it is in fact disempowering. There is power in thoughts and in the spoken word, and what we put out there in the universe will eventually circle back around to us. Even if we joke about ourselves, we could be expressing our inner lack of self-worth and depreciation.

There is a whole heap of energy behind the way we deal and interact with others, whatever the context is. And so, this month, I am examining the context and use of humor in my own life, and I invite you to delve within and take a look too. What do you find funny? Is it at the expense of others? Is it at the expense of yourself? Are you trying to communicate something to someone, including yourself, in your own humor? Take a look at when you use the phrase “it’s only a joke or I’m only joking” with others. There is so much to explore and understand about our hidden intentions and emotions. Good luck!

Look for Silver Linings

This year of 2020 has probably been one of the most challenging we have experienced in our lives. During this year I have been pushed into new areas of learning about myself, breaking through my limitations, and transmuting old ingrained patterns.

As we look back and reflect upon the hardship of these previous months, we must remember to look for the silver linings. Alongside every difficult moment, emotional challenge, or overwhelming experience, we have been purifying, letting go, learning and transmuting that, which we no longer are.

Without this great release of negative energy, we as individuals cannot change or grow. Without this as a community, as a nation, as a world, and as species we cannot evolve and shift.
Without the dark, we cannot experience the light. And so, as we move into the final days of the year, I am focusing on the light that I have received and experienced in 2020. The light is those moments of love, enlightenment and peace that have been gifted to us as we have traversed through tragedy, fear, confusion, separation and stress.

What better way to transmute and let go of the old is there, than to celebrate the new, the reasons we have for being, the gratitude for what we have, and the love that is always deep within and around us.
If we can do this, even just for a moment, we are experiencing enlightenment, opening our hearts, and welcoming 2021 with our new inner faith.


Halloween is a holiday that has ancient beginnings as the Celtic festival called Samhain, which signifies the end of the old and the beginning of the new.

Samhain was the last day of the Celtic year, and so November 1st marked the first day of the Celtic New Year. Christians celebrated All Saints Day on November 1.

All Saints Day was also called All-hallows or All-hallowmas (from Middle English Alholowmesse meaning All Saints’ Day), and the night before it, the traditional night of Samhain the Celtic religion began to be called All-Hallows Eve, and eventually, Halloween.

Samhain means “Summer’s End” and is a celebration of the end of the harvest and the start of the coldest half of the year. It is believed that this time of year is when the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead is the thinnest and the living are able to communicate more easily with those who have passed on. And, because Halloween is the last day of the year, it also signifies new beginnings.  Happy Samhain everyone!

Vibrations - Part 2

Everything around us and anything that exists has a vibration and a frequency. Recently I have been talking about this with respect to the elements and our earth, but in actuality everything in our world and our universe has its own frequency and vibration. Things that appear stationary like the pencil on your desk, the food that you eat, your favorite chair, and even your own inner thoughts, all of them are vibrating at varying states of frequency. So, what does this mean and how can we use it to our advantage?

At a very basic level, we can surround ourselves with things that vibrate at a good frequency that we resonate with and that energize us. Choosing beautiful items for our office or home that make us feel good, eating food that has been made with care from quality ingredients, and supporting positive and constructive thinking within ourselves. All of these choices enable us to tune in to the vibrations around us and receive the benefits of all that they offer.

Over the next week, take the time to look at and experience the things around you. Tune in and feel how they vibrate. If something vibrates in a way that does not feel right, perhaps it is time to let it go....

Happy Fall Equinox

Yesterday was the Fall Equinox, a time where day and night are perfectly in balance and a door to a different natural cycle opens. This month I have been feeling vibrations. I am able to recognize that as the seasons change, they bring different vibrations into our world. Each element of earth, air, fire, water and ether resonates at a different vibration. During the Summertime, there is more heat and we experience much more of the element of fire; during the Wintertime the water element is more prominent, especially when the snow arrives. During the Fall, our attention is drawn to the element of air as we observe and connect to things that represent it: the leaves fall off the trees, the morning wind is cool, and we watch the birds as they fly and migrate to warmer climes.

Most of us have had a very challenging year. Our control of life as we know it has been lost and this has pushed us into uncertainty. However, the element of Air is a great vibration to work with when we are unsure of the path ahead. Air helps to blow away the debris of the things that cloud our clarity, like overthinking and feelings of stress. If we can trust, air will blow us in the right direction with a soft breeze, or maybe we might need a bit of a gust to grasp the message that we need.

Air is also related to our breath and the Breath of Life. Air helps our lungs, respiratory system, nose and throat; these physical areas can become unbalanced when we have too much of the other elements within them. Having too much of the element of fire can create anger, and too much of the element water can create grief. Therefore, we need the air element to alchemically balance these other elements out within us.

Just acknowledging the element of air around you will help you attune to its vibration. To do this you can kick up some leaves and watch them fall; take some deep breathes to feel calm or just quietly give thanks to this vibration of life-giving substance. Connecting with the element of Air will help bring connection, balance and healing within.

Wishing You All a Lovely Fall
Love and Light

Vibrations - Part 1

Transference Healing® offers simple and effective energy techniques for shifting vibrations, including lifting and clearing negative vibrations, creating space and allowing for positive vibrations, for balancing, for grounding, and for rejuvenation.

Life is made up of energy, and all energy has vibrations. Vibrations take so many forms and are all very different. We all have vibrations. Depending on our physical, mental, emotional state, we have many different vibrations happening inside, outside and all around us. The earth and the cosmos have their own vibrations. In fact, all things on earth have their own vibrations including the animals, plants, trees, stones, crystals, water, sound, building structures, machinery and tools. We, like all existing things, have the ability to create and shift vibrations within ourselves and in our environments. We create vibrations with our emotions, thoughts, and feelings, and these vibrations are all different in frequency. We can create or shift vibrations through either listening to or playing music. Instruments that are played have their own vibrations and human vocal-chords vibrate when people sing or speak. Any body movement that we do produces its own vibrations and this includes walking, dancing, running, and sleeping. Vibrations can be positive or negative. Fear and worry have their own vibrations. Peace and happiness also have their own vibrations. The vibrations that we hold in our bodies not only vibrate out into our environment, but the vibrations actually attract similar vibrations to us that already exist. If fear, worry, sadness and other negative emotions are not cleared, they can stay in and around the body, mind and soul and negatively impact the systems within the human form and actually increase over time. In fact, the fear can paralyze us, hold us back and even set us back. Sadness and depression can squelch our spirit, our confidence, and our will to move forward. On the other hand, peace and happiness can lift our spirits and our confidence, and actually clear obstacles from our life paths.

This month as you go along, tune into the vibrations of yourself including your physical, emotional and mental state, and also tune into the vibrations of the people, circumstances you encounter, and things that find as you go along in your world. Ask yourself, what vibrations coming from who, what and where make you feel good? Which vibrations coming from who, what and where make you feel bad? What vibrations can you use to shift yourself to clear and release pressure, and to feel more, centered, balanced, and rejuvenated?

I will check in with you later, to talk to you more about how Transference Healing can shift the vibrations of your being, to allow for balancing, grounding and rejuvenation.

Courage Within

Greetings Dear Ones,
Last time I mentioned how we have been put through a huge process during these past few months.
Things have been rapidly shifting and aligning lately. Humanity is undergoing rapid shifts of consciousness which is pushing and challenging us all to change, grow and expand individually and collectively as human beings.
I have indeed felt these shifts, pushes, and challenges. And while being called (well, actually I feel like I am being pushed) to shift, grow and expand, I have been continuing to seek, experience and work with the full range of emotions and challenges associated with courage. I have been working on summoning courage inside of myself to tune into and work with all of the changes that are occurring in the world and all of the present tasks that need attention. I have made a number of realizations regarding courage and I wanted to share what came through with you.
To find courage, it is helpful to know that there is something more than just ourselves supporting us in the universe – you are not by yourself, there is indeed a higher power in the world, a greater collective consciousness of the world other than just our individual selves. A force of universal love, truth and laws exist that are greater than any evil, and tapping into and using this energy can give us the courage to face our fears, to move forward, and to know that each and every one of us count and that we all play our own individual part in humanity. It is important to know that playing small and settling for things is not doing service to humanity. In order to live our life to the fullest we must do our part to be true to ourselves and to speak our truth. This is not being selfish; rather it is to take care of ourselves and actually cultivate ourselves to be the best possible version of ourselves that we can be. Now, to be the best version of ourselves, we do not need to be rich or famous, or have a title or degree. Rather, to be the best version of ourselves we must feel and be in the process of striving towards achieving our dreams or our potential. When we do this, not only do we benefit from it, but the good we create out of working towards these aims ripples out and benefits humanity.
In summary, there are a couple of ways to find courage: One is to recognize and know that you do not stand alone, there are forces in the Universe to support, protect and guide you. You are not alone and you do not have to do things alone. The other way to find courage is to know and recognize that we matter, that we count, that we all have a say in how our life goes. Things do not just happen to us; we all have an instrument to play in this orchestra of life. We all have our own gifts and talents inside of us and we all have a responsibility if we feel called to cultivate them.
So, Dear Ones, take some time to go inward, to find what matters and is important to you. Take a look and see if there are any tasks or things you have wanted to do but have not yet done because you thought you were not able or capable enough to work through them. After you have identified these things, ask the Universe for help and guidance, tuning into the force of Universal love, truth and laws. Know and remember you can do this Dear Ones, take courage.


Dear Beautiful Ones,

It has been quite some time since I have checked in with you. I feel like I have been suspended in a bubble and have become quite still, as death, infections, chaos, confusion and uncertainty from the Covid-19 Coronavirus Global Pandemic has swirled around me in New York State and on the planet. All of this has shocked and changed my world as I know it. For the past six weeks I have been unable to access my office due to the danger and the Governor’s orders to stay at home, in the government’s attempt to curb both the infection rate, and the death rate (which soared as high as over 800 people per day at one point). All of the work, volunteer activities, traveling and social activities that I had been doing were stripped away from me in a moment. I feel that I have literally become unplugged, disconnected, and feel like a boat drifting on the water. My world changed overnight. I have not been this “idle” in years. Some of this time reminds me of summer vacations that I had in grade school although I do have more responsibility now. I have spent my time connecting to the earth and nature elements, exercising, meditation, shopping for food, doing laundry and cleaning, running errands, and keeping in touch with friends and family. I have gotten into as comfortable a routine as possible; as I mentioned, it’s like I have put myself into a bubble.

In the midst of all of this, some interesting things have happened, and I feel it is important to share as we are all in the world and on some level all of us are experiencing the effects of the Covid-19 Coronavirus. As a result of becoming inert and still, I felt an instantaneous decompression start to happen. I realized just how tired I have been of running around and “doing” and being “busy” all of these years in my life. For so many years my work as an attorney has been to help people in trauma. Suddenly, I was not able to work in this capacity as I have done for so many years. And being away from this, I realize just how much of working with my clients and dealing with the demands of the legal system has impacted me and how much pressure I have been under all of these years. Also, being in the time of stillness, I have had time to slowly almost painstakingly observe every detail, every minutiae of life, of the wondrous details of just Being. I have been asked by the Universe to BE in the moment and to experience the very simple things in life. Connecting to nature and the elements have been very key to keep me centered and feel as balanced as possible; I have done this by jogging in the morning, followed by afternoon walks with friends, and also through meditation. Although I had been able to write two professional pieces that had deadlines, I had not been able to to channel and write for LyonHart Amrie. I felt frozen; nothing was forthcoming. I felt if I tried to write something and put something out, that it would not be authentic because no words or ideas were coming through and out. Instead, I have been feeling a range of emotions, and doing huge amounts of introspection and reflecting on life, going deeply internal. I must say I have been feeling waves of fears come up in me in about the future because of the pause, not working, and being disconnected from all of the activities that I do. There is no more frantic work schedule and volunteer activities; no more traveling or visits to friends; there are no longer long commutes of three to four hours per day. There has been no more intense and draining work time of helping clients who are in trauma and rushing to meet ever-looming and impending deadlines. All of this is gone. Suddenly, I find myself in my apartment day in and day out, just well, Being. It’s as if the plug to my life has become unplugged, the wind has been knocked out of my sail, and I am literally being forced and told to slow down and relax - to not do, but rather, to just BE.

Even though I am being told to just BE, I still have to live in the very real world and so some “doing” is required. For instance, I had to write two professional pieces for one of my volunteer activities that had deadlines, and I was able to write them.

But again, Spirit was asking me to just BE, to not do (like write for LyonHart Amrie) as I felt like I should have been, but to rather just stop. Instead of writing and doing, I have been walking on the earth plane, absorbing the amazing energies of it, I have gone to many beautiful parks and locales in the past six weeks absorbing the incredible earth energy from all over. I have been asked to stop and look at the trees, flowers, rocks, rivers, the sound, lakes, wildlife, all kinds of birds. I have been asked to feel and soak in the rays of the sun, to feel the wind that blows against my body, to even feel the rain and snow showers. I have been asked to just BE and to coexist with the existence of the Earth, to just BE and experience being on this earth plane, in this infinite universe, infinity, and beyond. And I have been asked to BE in the midst of not being able to properly work from home, not being able to see clients, and in the midst of uncertainty. I have been asked to just BE while being disconnected from my usual routines and activities (work, volunteer, travel, and social), activities which are affirming to me and give me a sense of worth and purpose and belonging as a person. I am being asked by Spirit to come forth and be in this world in a new way, a very new way. And this request feels daunting and scary, but at the same time feels exciting and new, and gives me a glimmer of hope of something to come.

I do not have all of the answers yet about how I am going to come through and change in this situation; it is a work in progress. I am going step by step, and taking things one thing at a time. So, I must ask myself, ‘Who am I BEING?” “How am I BEING during this crisis when so many are suffering?” “Am I BEING patient, empathetic, kind, first and foremost with myself and then with other people?” So too it would be good to ask each of ourselves as many of us are in the same boat, and so this is a good time for introspection, Who are you BEING? How are you BEING? Are you BEING the kind of person that you want to be? Are you BEING the kind of person that will help you forge and create the next stage of your reality and life? I realize that for some of you, you are busier and more overwhelmed than ever due to the nature of your work and circumstances at home, but you can do this exercise too. Take a few minutes to find a quiet time to reflect. If you are reading this I hope you can find a few minutes to reflect on who you are BEING. Are you using this time and opportunity right now to BE patient, empathetic and compassionate with yourselves? Are you giving yourself encouragement and pep-talks and letting yourselves know that things will work out? Are you feeling fearful, angry, sad, loss? How are you working through this? These are important emotions, it is good to get in touch with our emotions and feelings and to get in touch with how we are BEING. Is there anything you want to change about the way you are BEING? How we are BEING plays a huge role in how we view and respond to the world. So take some time to go in and reflect, and let’s circle back around and be in touch. I will be back soon.

Centaur Support

Hello, how have you all been? What incredible things have happened during the past month since I last checked in with you. Last time in the beginning of March, I wrote about how Centaur represents the Healer, and is closely linked to Chiron, the Planet of Healing. As the Healer, Centaur supports us in our process of self-discovery, self-mastery, and self-healing. Centaur helps us to identify and clarify our biggest challenges and weaknesses in life, and to actually work through them to become stronger and more empowered. Centaur is a very important card in the Animal Magic Deck. I invited you to tune in to see what were some of your biggest challenges and biggest woundings that you find yourself facing. What were some challenges for you that you feel like that no matter what you do, you just keep facing them again and again? I wrote that Centaur brings us a great opportunity and holds a tremendous space to work through and heal ourselves on a deeper level. Centaur the Healer, linked to Chiron, the Planet of Healing pertains to all people in different places of the world, all ages, all backgrounds.

At the time of that writing, I honestly had no idea what the United States or myself was in for. Fast forward, one month later, here we now in April, and we are in an epic global pandemic of the Covid-19 coronavirus, which is wreaking havoc on humanity all across the world. As of this writing (on 04-08-2020) there have been 85,397 reported deaths across the globe. Here’s a few figures of the human fatalities: 17,669 deaths in Italy, 14,673 deaths in Spain; 13,811 deaths in the United States, of which 6,268 deaths occurred here in New York State, where I live. By the time you read this the numbers will have changed; they still are increasing exponentially day by day.

With the onslaught of the global pandemic, we are being compelled to become much more aware of ourselves and of the world at large. We are being asked to shift our consciousness and perception of ourselves, the world we live in, the Universe and beyond.

As I mentioned in my previous writing, Centaur pushes us and challenges us to our limits to heal by triggering our weaknesses so that we are forced to look at them and address them. If we chose to simply ignore our weaknesses, then we will never be able to heal. Since humans have a fairly high instinct and will to survive, Centaur or the planet Chiron calls us to take a deep breath, to wake up and take a good hard look inside of ourselves and at the world around us. Right now we are all being pushed on an expansive global level with the onslaught of the Covid-19 virus pandemic.

As this pandemic runs through our communities affecting ourselves, our families, our loved ones and our friends, Centaur and the planet Chiron are calling us to become aware of ourselves, of others, and of the world at large on all levels and in all ways. We are being called to become aware of all things on the micro and macro levels, in other words, on the personal, global, universal and beyond (infinite) levels. We are being called to become aware of all things; of everything. Both the macro and micro levels, both universal and personal issues are part and parcel of each other; they have so much bearing on the future of humanity as it relates to to itself, to the world and to the Infinite - that is, the Universe and Beyond.

How has the Universe set this up, asking us to become aware on both the micro and macro levels?

On the micro-level, while having to socially distance ourselves to do our part to literally help the survival of the human species, the Universe has given us an opportunity to just stop ourselves from being, well, busy. The Universe has slowed us down on all levels- physical, emotional, spiritual, right down to our cells, on the cellular level. The call for social distancing creates and mandates a time for solace where being alone and with less distractions, one can find themselves looking inward, becoming reflective and introspective about their life, the meaning of their life, and how they relate to others and the world at large. Many people are becoming introspective merely because of the circumstances they find themselves in.

On the macro-level, the global leaders and the public all over the world need to cooperate and work together more than ever - the pandemic calls for unity more than ever. And I have been hearing that call for Unity among leadership among both spiritual and secular leaders. In her channelings and teachings, Alexis Cartwright has spoken many times about the call to unity for humanity. In his daily press conferences over the past several weeks, Governor Andrew Cuomo of the State of New York has called for the need for unity and cooperation among everyone including governments at the local, municipal, state and federal level, countries, authorities, healthcare workers, and the community and public at large.

If we look, we can see that the micro and macro levels are interconnected, part and parcel of each other and dependent on one another. Some of the feelings and themes that are emerging on both the micro and macro levels, that are both on a personal and global, universal and beyond level include vulnerability, fear, sadness, anger, frustration, anxiety, compassion, empathy, humanity, unity and community.

Check in with yourself to see where you are on the scales of the micro and macro levels of yourself, the world, universe and beyond? What have you become aware of within yourself during this pandemic that you were not aware of before? What have you become aware of in the world that you may not have been aware of before? Centaur and Chiron the Planet of Healing continue to support us during the month of April to examine our weaknesses both personally and collectively so that we can look at them, acknowledge them, and start to heal.

Balance and Refined Relationships

As I have continued my journey with Seahorse, I have been feeling its healing powers of androgyny. I have also been marveling at the unique fact that male seahorses actually carry the eggs of the female in their own pouches, until it is time for their baby seahorses to emerge fully developed. Out of the entire animal kingdom, male seahorses are the only males that undergo pregnancy and give birth to their offspring, and so there is something really powerful here to absorb from this incredible and special ability.

In recent times, attitudes towards gender roles have changed within mainstream society and the world is slowly becoming more fluid with what is deemed as male and female. Underlying this change there has been a historic shift in the mass consciousness, with the Feminine Principle coming more into balance and acceptance, after it has endured thousands of years of persecution and suppression. This change has created deep healing with the psyche of the earth and slowly within all of us. The acceptance of the Feminine Principle has allowed for a much more balanced environment of the male and female energies to co-exist and be recognized as a whole, and this is what leads us into androgyny.

Most people in life are looking for someone to complete themselves; perhaps they are looking for their “missing piece.” I believe, however, that when we can heal and come into balance with both our male and female energies, that the desire to find something externally is not so strong. Relationships can become more authentic, as souls come together, because it is enjoyable, rather than based on the NEED to be with a male to fill the lack of male energy within, or the need to be with a female to fill the lack of female energy within. We all know that when we feel more balanced and complete as a person, that we are happier and healthier, we make better choices from our hearts, and life is less complicated.

If we look at the yin and yang symbol, it is the male and female in perfect balance, encapsulated by the circle. The yin and yang symbol shows that we cannot look for someone else to complete us. Rather, we have to go inside and work on ourselves, heal, and find the male and female balance within. When we are able to this, then we are complete, and can connect into our true and Higher Selves.

Like anything in life, this type of evolutionary journey takes time, energy and the commitment to self-growth. Whatever stage you are at with your relationships, your internal male and female balance, or your personal feelings of wanting to “complete yourself,” a Transference Healing session can help you. Old pains, past memories, and negatives patterns that are holding you back can be purified and shifted, allowing you to let go, move on, feel at ease, and be restored and renewed.

The Knowledge Within

As you know, I have been working with the energy of the Crane for January, and one of the gifts this beautiful bird brings is to help us find our knowledge within. In its natural environment, the crane stands patiently at the waterside, totally calm and still, waiting for that perfect moment to strike for its daily catch. There is no struggle in the stillness of the waiting; the crane has the inbuilt knowledge of what to do. In fact, the crane thrives in the calm, trusts its own ability, and has faith that the fish will come to the perfect spot, just as they have done for thousands and thousands of years in this set up of the animal kingdom.

We all have our own innate wisdom, but sometimes we need to be able to bring that into sharper focus, so that we can see, hear and witness it. In today's society, our senses are constantly being overstimulated with technology, mass media, noise, images, people, energy...the list is endless and this input affects our ability to catch what our inner and higher self is saying.

Meditation is now a very popular form of mindfulness that helps us to disconnect from the bombardment of external frequencies; it is beneficial in calming our mental plane and releasing the stress of everyday life. Meditation is something I personally must do each day to help me balance internally, and to sustain own my inner peace. Also, meditation is wonderful because it helps me to hear my own knowledge within.

It is a common misconception that your inner wisdom should arrive like a voicemail message as soon as you close your eyes for meditation or quiet time; it is thought that this message should be precise, clear and 100% inform you of the best thing to do today. For most people, however, it is rare to receive something so exact and comprehensive. Instead, our knowledge within tends to shows itself in much more subtle ways: for example, hearing or seeing the same thing three times, is a definite signpost to take note of. Physical experiences like shivers, gut reactions, and hairs on the neck raising, are all messages that are beyond just what your mental plain is experiencing. Dreams, visions, and daydreams could be classified as your imagination, but are actually windows into a deeper part of you, that hold more answers than you realize.

So while you might not receive a full download of everything you need to know about life next time you meditate, please know that the practice of quietening the mind, disconnecting from the external, and going within DOES make a difference. I can guarantee that by making regular time to be still and quiet, you will be guided to your own inner tools of the Universe, bringing into sharper focus what you need to know and when you need to know it. This takes away the stress and pressure of everyday life and the need to find the answers for anything and everything. Deep within, we are all just like the Crane; we can be patient and still, we can trust our own abilities, and we will know the perfect time to strike.

The Magic of Alchemy: Changing Our Lives and World, Moment by Moment and Step by Step

Every day in both my professional and personal life, I meet people who want to do better for themselves by improving their life circumstances, inspiring their community, and ultimately enhancing the world around them. They have beautiful aspirations of change, and work very hard to make it happen. They often grapple with their own inner struggles and with external resistance and limitations placed on them by others. While it might not be immediately apparent, these people are actually alchemists. They are starting with something about themselves, their community, or world, and changing it into something else. This is what alchemy is: a path of purification and transformation. Alchemy expands one’s consciousness, develops one’s insight, and frees one from negative thoughts and patterns of behavior. Alchemy shifts one’s state of being and reality so that one can get out of the struggle and instead live an enriched and fulfilled life.  I resonate with alchemy and welcome the opportunity to transform myself into something new. I actually practice alchemy daily, and through the healing sessions I facilitate.

Every moment we have the opportunity to be the shift our let go of old limiting beliefs and experience the world through our heart, instead of in our head. These may sound like small things and not very transformational, but they are the keys. When we practice them, then our day to day moments, and our life and personal world can literally transform.

So how do we do the work?
Trying to change negative thought patterns, that have potentially been ingrained within your brain for 20+ years is not as simple as just “stop thinking about it.” These thought patterns come from inherited beliefs, conditioned upbringing, and even past life experiences. In order to transform these thought patterns, you must clear the subconscious pain connected to it, across all areas and layers of your being. The same goes for the old limiting beliefs and patterns that we carry inside; they are not there because we are broken. Rather, they are literally unresolved wounds carried by our soul. They are previous experiences or traumas that have not been let go of, and it is through their cycle of suppression that they have become our current perceived truth.

The work I facilitate is called Transference Healing and it works at clearing inherited beliefs, conditioned upbringing, past life experiences, subconscious pain, unresolved wounds, trauma, and suppression. The incredible thing is that it does not just clear and transform just one aspect of the self; rather it works across all facets of the self - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Changing all of these aspects of the self is what creates change and transformation.

Alexis Cartwright, the anchor, channel and founder of Transference Healing, teaches that these sessions work “with frequency, light and matter to initiate 'transference'; a shift from one state of being into another. This is pure alchemy.”

While some ancient practices of alchemy may have sought to turn lead into gold, in today's world, Transference Healing can help support people’s own internal alchemical transformation process, which provides something much more personally lucrative than any physical precious metals.

Detatch, Let Go, Feel Better, Move On

I love the way the Universe works; I never cease to be amazed the way it guides us with its  wisdom.  As you may remember, last month over on our Facebook page we were working with the Tree spirit, the Dryad, who helped  us with our feelings of depletion and rejuvenated  us from power plays with others.  The card that came through for this month is Fox, to help not only me, but us all .  This made me smile because one of the beautiful gifts that the fox brings is to help us understand where we are leaking energy in our life, so we can sever, detach and not get depleted.  So, very similar energies have come through for July and August, and a clear message about how we must look after and care for our own inner energy .

Last month when we worked with the Dryad, we talked about how we leak energy though the dynamics of power plays with others. The Fox on the other hand, reminds us that there are others ways in which we leak energy, and it’s one that you may all relate to which is stress or worry.  
When we live in faith and trust, we are connected to the U niverse and all that it provides for us.  When we live in faith and trust, we are self-sustained in the light and the energies we need to stay happy, healthy and balanced .  The opposite can happen if we are living in stress, worry or fear . For example, if we are stressed because we want to move and change our location, but we cannot find an appropriate place to move to, if we keep thinking and searching, we are leaking our energy and we become depleted by the situation .  However, if we can energetically detach from the situation, take a step back, trust in the process of the move, and that all will happen in Divine timing, we stop leaking energy and are less depleted .  Mentally detaching is so helpful in this kind of situation but detaching energetically is really the key and this is what Fox helps us with .

I have created a video and a meditation that will help you to mentally and energetically detach and understand all that I have written about above.
So if you resonate with what you have just read or if you feel you energy is being 'drained' by a particular person, project, or situation right now or if you feel stuck in the same repeating circumstances and unable to move on, then I would really reconmend it.  As I guide you through this easy energetic procedure, it will help to free you up within and theraputically feel better. 

So no matter where you are, in the office, on the train, waiting for an appointment, take a few minutes to let go, look after yourself and detatch! The meditation starts 7 minutes into the recording and lasts for 7 minutes.

Tree Spirit - Dryad - Rejuvination from Power Plays

As we discussed earlier in the month, a Dryad is the elemental life force of a tree, and trees are such a great healing force in our lives and our world.

One of the most powerful aspects that the Dryad’s energy supports us with is REVITALIZATION .

We, as human beings, are made up of the energy of earth, air, fire, water and ether, and we receive a lot of our sustenance through our connection to our natural world.

We all know that going into nature makes us feel better. We feel calmer by the ocean; uplifted when in the mountains; and when we are with the trees we can feel revitalized in our physical body.

Trees have long roots that go deep into the earth to search out water and vital nutrients to help keep them healthy and sustained. They easily absorb the healing elements of Mother Gaia to stay strong, sturdy and revitalized.

So, the gift of the trees and the Dryad spirits is to help us to easily revitalize ourselves. But why do we need this?

The human self gets depleted through certain circumstances in life, and I have observed that one that occurs most often that creates huge depletion, are power plays.

A power play is a tactic or intention to increase a person's power or influence over another. Power plays occur in all areas of relationships; even if you are self assured and empowered, there will always be a certain type of person that tries to take your power or energy away from you.

Examples of power plays include:
*The colleague that undermines you and your project no matter how successful you are
*The family member who is never happy with anything you do
*The spouse who makes snide remarks about a certain part of your character to others, right in front of you

Most power plays are subconscious but they can have you doubting yourself and your ability, experiencing stressful inner feelings of discomfort especially through the stomach area (the power center ). Mostly however, they diminish your inner life force leave you feeling exhausted and depleted.

Diminishing and depletion of life force energy leads to lethargy, feeling stuck, and the cells of our physical body literally run on empty. This is why we need to be revitalized to build up our inner reservoirs of energy and light, so we can keep healthy, balanced and moving forward.

So, the next time you are feeling impacted by your relationship with someone, take a look and ask yourself, “Is this a power play? Am I being depleted by these circumstances? Am I giving away my light to this dynamic? ”

If so, do the following: Feel your feet become like the roots of a tree, going down into the ground to absorb all the healing elements, and feel the tree spirit support you to feel revitalized and full of life force energy again. This literally only takes a moment and you will feel so much better.

Through both my own personal journey and in my work as an attorney, I have spent most of my life dealing with power plays, learning how to keep myself balanced in my own internal power. Regularly running and practicing the energy of Transference Healing has been an effective and key way for me to disconnect from energy plays and to remain centered and balanced in my life.

As a certified and registered Transference Healing Practitioner and Teacher, I am able to help guide people who experience power issues like this on a regular basis through their challenging professional careers or in any area of their lives.

You can book a healing now via my website to discuss any of these dynamics that you may be experiencing, and for me to help you recognize , understand, disconnect and move through power plays, helping you become revitalized.

Bat = welcome transformation

This month we have been resonating with the energy of the Bat.  Bat tells us that we are undergoing a shift in our being, that is, who we are as individuals. Bat tells us that it is time for us to let go of things that no longer serve us.  Bat is our guide through the process, helping us to identify and remove things that are in our way. Bat also shows us the way, helping us to find our sense of direction as we shift our being.  Last time we talked about the energy of the Spider, and how it helps us to co-create things in our lives. The notion of co-creation is exciting and one that we may wish to start right away, or on the other hand, perhaps it is one that we would like to delay, because we are not sure quite where to begin.  How do we actually know when it is time to start changing, shifting our being, and working towards co-creating? How do we figure out where to begin in this creating process, to sort out what we need to let go of and what we need to do going forward? Bat helps us to figure these things out.


What are some things that no longer serve us? Some things can include the proverbial “drama” in our lives. This drama can include things such as engaging in power plays with other people, or letting other people take our energy and monopolize our time and resources.  These types of situations make us feel depleted, tired,  and unable to work on things that we want to work on. Bat magic helps us to get rid of things that we do not want in our lives, so that we can enter a new cycle, let go of our old ways of being that no longer serve us. When we can let go of things that no longer serve us, then we can work towards living our lives in a more empowered way.


It is not easy to let go of circumstances or relationships that we may have become attached to. We may feel excited or validated by engaging in drama or energy plays with other people. But while we may feel temporarily validated, in actuality these types of situations just keep us preoccupied, prevent us from taking control of our lives, and do not leave us free to take the reins of our own lives to define and co-create what we would like to work towards and become.  Bat helps us move through all of these situations so that we can live our lives in more empowered ways and by not surrogating others. Actually, when we stop surrogating other people, we actually enable them to live their lives in a more empowered way.


Bat allows you to release the fear of change, welcome transformation, and empowers you to work with your gifts and talents. So, consider what could serve you well to to give up, for you to let go of? What in your life is holding you back? These could range from your current physical circumstances, to certain relationships you have with other people, to thoughts or feelings that you have. Tune into the energy of the Bat and ask Bat to help you see what direction you would like to go in regarding these circumstances, relationships, thoughts or feelings.  Ask Bat to show you the way and/or let go of those things that no longer serve you.  Or, perhaps you are on a course that you like and you want to stay on that you have started. If this is the case then you can ask that Bat help you see if there are things on the course that you can let go of that are no longer serving you. Ask Bat to help shine the way for you, to help you get stronger and to help you expand and grow. 


Earlier this month I asked that we all check in with ourselves to see what we wanted to change and let go of?  If you did that, look at the progress you have made this month. How did you go?   You can continue to check your progress by writing down where you are right now, continuing to ask Bat to help you, and keep working towards what you wish to change. Then later on, you can reflect and check in to see the progress that you have made.


Bat guides us towards the empowered way to live our lives of co-creation, which is to recognize, embrace, and accept the end of old cycles, the beginning of new ones, all the while identifying, embracing, and using our gifts and talents.

When we set our intent and tell the Universe

Spider weaves the web of fate, releases illusion from the physical world and allows you to reach beyond the horizon and other dimensions. Alexis Cartwright Animal Magic, 2005, p. 221.  This could be considered to be our imagination but really it is using our sixth sense and beyond, that is, things that we cannot physically experience, see, hear or touch in our current physical reality here on earth, in this dimension.


When destiny moves every aspect of our life, every aspect of our life is affected, just like the ripple effect created throughout Spider’s web. When one part of the web moves, the whole part of the web moves.  This has to do with the vibrations of Spider’s magic which are the esthetic vibrations of the Universe, and Creating happens in the etheric vibrations of the Universe. So, the key to creating is to shift the vibrations of the body; the more that we can make the shift into a higher frequency to higher vibrations, the more we hold and the better at creating we become and  do.  We have the ability to create and flow in our creativity, and the key is to shift the vibrations.  What goes into shifting the vibrations and why do they get stuck in the first place? Well, to begin with, if we are universally open to learning new ideas and trying and exploring new things and ideas, this can support us in being open to creating things. However, if we think we know everything already, and that no one can tell us anything, then we are in our ego and this causes a stagnation in our solar plexus chakra where our power center is located. Or, perhaps we think that we will never succeed in an endeavor or with what we want to do, then again a stagnation can happen in the solar plexus. The stagnation can block our ability to conceive and think of new ideas and new thoughts because the etheric vibrations are stagnant. Another thing that causes stagnation is when we are caught up in toxic situations, the proverbial “drama” either in our own lives or in another person’s. Drama consists of difficult situations that you find yourself in that you do not know how to get out of, and that can keep you so occupied trying to fix the problems, that you are not able to focus on developing new ideas.


When stagnation happens, we get blocked. The energy does not flow and we cannot manifest things because the way to pulling it down from the ethers is blocked.  Spider clears this blockage, called webbing or “situational fibers” so that positive energy can then flow into and resonate with the chakras. Perhaps one can think of it as getting out of your own way, to not allow ego, fear, or difficult life situations to stop you. We have the capability to create many good things in our lives, things that we want to achieve; our hopes, our dreams, and our aspirations. We are meant to create things and to fulfill our destiny here on the earth. Also, we are at our best when we are creating rather than just consuming. Creating is the key to the world being a good place to live in, to bring us health, wellness, and longevity. Through creating we can contribute not only to the well-being of ourselves, but also to the well-being of the world.


There are a number of factors that cause Spider’s web to shift and ripple, and to ripple and shift. When we set our intent and tell the Universe we want something to happen, the Universe perks up its ears, but Spider’s web may not move. The Universe wants to see something more from us to prove that we are committed to that intent and desire, and that we really mean what we desire. The Universe looks for something more from us, a sign of our willingness to move forward and change. This “something” does not have to be an action; however if it is an action, the Universe looks at our intent behind the action. The “something” could be how we set our feelings towards situations, how we react, how we view things, and the responsibility we have towards something. The Universe wants to see how vested we are: are we really up for the outcome that we want? The Universe and Spider with her web patiently wait to see. When there is a shift in our perceptions, feelings and understandings, or if we have taken an action towards what we want, the Universe responds in kind, and Spider’s web shifts.  Another thing that can shift Spider’s web is what quite literally can be characterized as the “web of fate.” Sometimes the Universe in its infinite wisdom sets up certain situations to help move us along when it perceives that we do not want to be moved along, and we are comfortable and cozy right where we are (but really we are not). So, the Universe throws a curve ball and initiates an unfortunate circumstance, a challenge, an unexpected emergency, or situation, where we have to take the time and deal with it, we become very uncomfortable and more worse for the wear; this can be described or thought of as the web of fate. 


The Universe looks for signs from us that we intend and truly want to create and change, or will send out its own signals if it determines that we are not moving fast enough, and then Spider responds in kind with her web that she weaves.   How do we move through challenging situations?  What if we feel stuck in trying to manifest what we we would like to do or what Universe in its wisdom hands to us? How do we create new and positive circumstances in our lives? The key is to shift our vibrations. Shifting our intent, emotional state, and perceptions shifts the vibrations, and in turn, shifts what we attract, create, and then ultimately do in our lives. Spider watches and weaves her web accordingly, helping you, as you help yourself, to create and achieve those things that you set your intent to do.

Shift the Vibrations

Transference Healing® offers simple but effective energy techniques for lifting and clearing negative vibrations, creating space and allowing for positive vibrations, for balancing, for grounding, and for rejuvenation.


Life is made up of energy, and all energy has vibrations. Vibrations can take so many forms and are all very different. We have vibrations and depending on our emotional state, state of mind, or physical, mental, emotional state, we have many different vibrations.  The earth and the cosmos have their own vibrations. In fact, all other things on earth have their own vibrations including animals, plants, trees, stones, crystals and water.  We, like all existing things, have the ability to create and shift vibrations within ourselves and in our environments.  Vibrations can be created through music. Instruments that are played have their own vibrations and the human vocal chords vibrate when people sing or speak.  We create vibrations with our emotions, thoughts, and feelings, and these vibrations are all different in frequency. Any body movement that we do produces its own vibrations and this includes walking, dancing, running.  Vibrations can be positive or negative. Fear and worry have their own vibrations.  Peace and happiness also have their own vibrations. The vibrations that we hold in our bodies not only vibrate out into our environment, but the vibrations actually attract similar vibrations to us that already exist.  If fear, worry, sadness and other negative emotions are not cleared, they can stay in and around the body, mind and soul and negatively impact the systems within the human form and actually increase over time.  In fact, the fear can paralyze us, hold us back and even set us back. Sadness and depression can squelch our spirit, our confidence, and our will to move forward. On the other hand, peace and happiness can lift our spirits and our confidence, and actually clear obstacles from our life paths.


Therefore, because vibrations in the body have such a profound impact on how we live, including our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical state of being, it is key for well-being to actually physically shift the vibrations that are in the body, rather than just mentally clearing the vibrations.   For example, to clear fear and stress, knowing that one should not be afraid in one’s head on the mental plane is completely different than actually feeling the fear stress and tension actually dissipate and leave the body. Clearing negative vibrations can be achieved in a number of ways but they must all occur on a physical level.  One cannot just listen to, but must actually feel the vibrations of music in the body.  Dancing to music or moving in some way that feels good can help clear negative vibrations from the body and create positive vibrations.


While growing up, I innately used art and the natural elements to support me on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.  Music, singing, dancing, exercising and spending time by the water and in nature were key for me to be able to balance and realign and to brush off negativity, fear and uncertainty.


A more direct way to shift vibrations in the body is through Transference Healing®, whose principals, teachings and frequencies I share today. My first healing was in New York City. It was a life changing moment.  I felt strong yet gentle sensations in my body, physically experiencing the energetic shifts within me, that made me realize that emotional blocks had been cleared from that one healing.


Transference Healing® offers simple but effective energy techniques for clearing blocks and negativity, for balancing, and for grounding. These techniques are supportive, to help clear negativity, to help one rejuvenate, to stay calm, to have more compassion for oneself, and to be positive. I invite you to come experience the energy for yourself; book-in for a healing with me today.

Gaia Connection

Turtle represents Gaia, another name for Mother Earth. As humans and inhabitants of the earth, we are inextricably linked with the Earth, and with the elements of the Earth, found in nature. All of the earth’s elements are inside of us and around us. We use and need the earth’s elements to nourish and sustain ourselves including the water we drink, the air we breathe, the sunlight, the moonlight, and the plants and animals that live here on the earth.

What an intricate ecological system that has been set up here in nature on the earth; the biodiversity is sophisticated and complex. The interwoven networks in nature and perfect symbiotic relationships with its inhabitants and the planet have provided the earth with the ability to sustain and maintain itself over the course of time. Humans are learning so much from analyzing and studying these systems on Earth. The whole system of how we depend on the Earth is manifested in the the tiniest form inside our bodies such as the mitochondria to the largest universe and to beyond infinity, beyond what humans have discovered or can even understand or identify at this point in our evolution.

While these things may surpass our understanding and ability to discover at present, all things elements of the Earth seem to have a purpose and meaning and order to them, and are inextricably linked. Quite simply, this can be labeled as the wonders and mysteries of the earth, universe and beyond. And Mother Earth, symbolized by the Turtle, is connected to this vast and glorious mysterious world; she benevolently sustains and nourishes us as human beings. And in many cultures Mother Earth is symbolized by the Turtle. Turtle, as this symbol of the Earth includes representing how the Earth exists and evolves over time. Turtle teaches us the patience to develop and manifest ideas, to remain grounded and be in harmony with our environments, to connect to the power of the earth for nourishment, Alexis Cartwright Animal Magic, 2005 p. 246.

As humans we depend on the Earth to live, just as a child depends on its mother for life. Mother Earth is the place where we can learn, grow, seek safety and be protected in the universe. Mother Earth nourishes and sustains us. Mother Earth helps us in so many ways, as a mother helps her child. When we are stressed and have had a grueling day we can take a walk away from our stressful environment. Whether it is a workplace indoors or outdoors, we can step away and go to a place in nature where there are nature’s elements, for instance, the grass, water, trees or flowers. And wherever you have chosen, you can take in the scent of the grass and trees and flowers and experience their soothing effects. Even if one is allergic to the pollen of the trees and grass and it is hard for one to be around these elements because of it, one can appreciate and look at the beauty of nature, or one can close one’s eyes and focus on nature: bird’s chirping, the way the wind blows in the breeze, the way the light reflects on the ground or the way the water feels to the touch or on the body. One can go to a body of water and look and listen to it, get in it, or touch and feel it. We can feel the ground underneath us or a different kind of terrain: sand, rocks, has been scientifically proven that connecting to the ground is beneficial for one’s health.

Gaia’s embrace takes many forms; we can look at her, and we can experience her in so many ways to strengthen, soothe, nurture and guide us. Experiencing Gaia involves all of our faculties, all of our human senses including our sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. Mother Earth affords so many opportunities where we can experience her loving embrace and feel soothed, nurtured and sustained. So, the next time you see a Turtle, think of Gaia, Mother Earth, and remember how much you are loved and cared for by planet Earth, and that you can draw on her for strength, support and sustenance.

Healing Undine Experience

Let’s do an exercise to experience the magic of the Undine today.

Before you begin, gently close your eyes and set the intent to experience the Undine. In your mind’s eye say, “Undine, Undine, steadfastly floating in the flowing water, I ask that you gently guide me and gently soothe me. May your vibrations sustain me and clear me. Hold me in your gentle love and power as I feel your vibrations on my body, gently lifting the stress and pressure of the day from me. Now, imagine yourself in a body of a favorite kind of water of your choice. It could be a hot tub, a hot bath, a warm ocean, a refreshing pool, a soothing shower, or a refreshing river. Or, instead, you can choose to physically go to a body of water of your choosing to do this exercise. Whether you imagine or physically go there, the choice is up to you.

Now see your yourself or physically situate yourself inside the body of water. Place yourself in the body of water. You can be all the way in, or some of the way in, it is up to you. Make sure that you feel comfortable with the temperature of the water, and how your body is placed in the water. Close your eyes and feel the water against your body. Feel the water as it gently supports you and envelopes you. Now, tune into the vibration of the water. Tune in and gently ask that the Undine comes forth and reveals itself to you. Feel the vibrations of the water. Dip your hand in the water and gently scoop up some of the water and sprinkle it on your body or pour it on your body. Feel the water soothe your body. Feel the water cleansing you. Listen to the sound the water makes. Listen as the water burbles and babbles, gentle soothing music to your ears, mind and soul. Know that the water is doing much more than cleaning your body. The water is clearing out and cleansing your stress and concerns that you have. Perhaps the concerns and emotions have been building for a while.

Now is the time for Undine in the water to wash away your worries. Feel any tension release and any pain in your body leave. Feel any concerns or worries you have being washed away. Feel the fatigue fade away.

Thank the Undine and the water for their work on cleansing and refreshing you. Feel yourself rejuvenated and refreshed. And gently open your eyes when you are ready.

Change and Transformation

During this time of the New Year, we often turn our thoughts to making changes in order to create a better quality of life for ourselves. To accomplish this, many of us make New Year’s Resolutions; the process of making them involves assessing the changes we want to make in our lives. We have all good, and in fact the best of intentions to implement our resolutions at the onset of and going into the New Year. We have carefully defined and begun to carry them out.

The fact of the matter is however, that the process of change can be difficult and scary. The human ego takes delight in preventing us to change; the human ego partly functions to test us and hold us back. The ego often feels more comfortable when we remain in a state of frustration and have ongoing upsets in our lives. However, if we can break through the constraints of our ego and work through the fear, then there are rewards and good things on the other side waiting for us, namely, improvements in the quality of our lives.

In our last writing which was about Hare, we talked about how fear paralyzes us and holds us back. Learning how to work through our fear and to change and grow is part of the human experience and is part of the reason why we are here on earth. The life we live is our classroom; life is designed to set up the challenges that we need for our soul to learn things like how to become better human beings, how to evolve into higher consciousness, how to open our hearts, how to experience more emotion, and how to become more self-aware. These lessons come in the form of personal challenges, also called spiritual initiations. It is working through the challenges, working through the fear and frustration of them, that we grow and evolve.

It us up to each of us to work on our own personal challenges; no one can do it for us. Change is not just mental; it is a physical, spiritual, emotional process that is both internal and external in nature. Yes, it is true that change can happen in just one instant. However, it can take a long time for the change to actually be implemented. Just as a caterpillar needs time to change its structure to become a butterfly: wrapping itself into a cocoon and then re-emerging with wings and transformed, so too, we need to the time to change. It takes time to implement and integrate changes. It takes time to get used to our new way of being, looking, feeling, and interacting with ourselves, and with the external world and people around us. It can take some getting used to, and in fact we may even encounter some set-backs. Sometimes we try to change and we think this time will be different; only instead we find ourselves slipping back into our old ways of feeling and acting. Then, we feel ourselves in despair like nothing will ever change, that there is no hope for us as much as we try and try again to change. Other times, we get frustrated because the change is gradual, or does not happen all at once; in other words, the change does not happen fast enough for us or to our liking. Sometimes the change does not look like it is happening at all, even though it is.

It is important to know that the universe provides resources and tools to help sustain us through these challenges of change. In this New Year with our resolves to change and be different, Butterfly comes in at a perfect time to help us. Butterfly’s energy is a key to transformation and change because its energy allows you to trust and sustain faith while feeling the ups and downs of the transformational growth process. Alexis Cartwright, Animal Magic, 2005, p. 58
Thank you Butterfly, as I work on changing and transforming myself during the New Year.

Loss at the Holidays

During this year of 2018, so many loved ones of people that I know have passed away. Many of these deaths have been literally life-changing for people. As we are in the midst of a season of lights and holidays, let us take pause to honor those who have passed away. Let us take time to comfort ourselves as we mourn those people and animals that we loved who have passed away. Let us take time to feel the loss of people that we are no longer in contact with. Let us take time to mourn the traditions and events that will cease to exist and no longer happen.

Loss of loved ones can take so many forms; loss is not only limited to one’s passing from the earth. Loss can also entail: the death of a loved one, either a person or an animal. A divorce. A breakup. The end of a friendship. Losing a job or one’s job security. A child removed from their home, taken away from their parents, or from their caretakers. A loved one developing a debilitating disease, or a condition such as Alzheimer’s or Dementia, leaving them to no longer be the person that we once knew.

The reality and pain of separation and change remains and reminds us that our loved ones have passed on, and that things are no longer as they were. Yes, there still remains the unshakable feelings of loss and grief. We find ourselves searching and looking for someone or something that is no longer there. We have memories; through our remembrances we try to hold on to a feeling or feelings we had with someone. We try to recreate these same feelings we had in new settings and with other people but we cannot. We mourn, we feel loss, we grieve. It is true, things will never be the same.

Sometimes we have the feelings, or perhaps we tell ourselves or give ourselves the illusion that things were perfect with our loved ones who have passed on, have gone away, or changed, and only that sense of perfection or bliss can be obtained with them. Perhaps a need of ours was satisfied with these loved one(s) who we mourn. Perhaps we felt safe, nurtured, had a sense of belonging, and felt valued in the relationship. Perhaps we had a deep emotional connection with the person and bonded in a way with them that we did not experience with others. Perhaps we built traditions with them or developed a sense of tradition. Perhaps the person had the ability to provide reliability, comfort, and grace and strength for us. Perhaps we leaned on that person and depended on them so much. And then suddenly, our beloved, the one that we knew and that they knew us, are no longer there. Our hearts grieve, yearning for the times that were, and yet that cannot be anymore.

The holidays heighten that sense of feeling and loss (especially if the loss happened during the holiday season!). Perhaps in our day to day lives we can obscure, blur, and even forget the feelings of loss. However, as that one special holiday rolls around year after year, just one time a year, well that is when we acutely feel a sense of sorrow and loss because the holiday can serve as a reminder that the person, persons or animal(s) whom we loved are no longer here. Traditions, rituals, routines, celebrations, and things done on the holiday or during the holiday season with that person are suddenly no more. The time of each holiday gives us only once a year to process those intense feelings that come up, unlike the other routine days that we have during the year. And on top of this, there are still plenty of other days during the year that can highlight and remind us of our feelings of grief and sense of loss.

The loss is not necessarily going to get easier. One of your parent dies; the other is still alive. What is going to happen when your other parent passes away? Or what happens when you lose other people that you love and were close to? What if you have you lost your spouse, or significant other? What if you have lost a child? The loss is very real. For those who have lost ones to death, the loved ones do not exist in the human form any longer and thus you cannot communicate or interact with them on the earth plane as you once did. For those who have lost loved ones due to life circumstances such as divorce, mental illness, adoption, or other life-changing events, it can feel so hard because you know that the people still live on the planet but you are no longer able or permitted to be in touch with them; or perhaps you know that they have no desire to be in touch with you. The feelings of pain and rejection can be quite unbearable and overwhelming. And back to death...Aunts, uncles, we get older, death becomes more and more of an inevitable part of life. Will you let the death or loss just overcome you and consume you, leaving you unable to carry on your existence on earth? Let’s face it, the loss will never go away. The emptiness for those person or persons will always be there. Things will never be the same again.

So how to deal with this sense of loss? Well that’s not an easy answer and it can vary widely from person to person on how people deal with it. The fact is that loss is loss, and things are not going to be the same again. However, since we are living here on earth, the mere fact that we live in the physical mortal flesh, we do carry on, although how we do this can vary and take many different forms. As we are and remain living, we can and do have the power to work on coping and grieving. We have the power to work through the grief and come to terms with the loss of our loved ones or changed circumstances.

Death and loss are part of the human experience. We came into this world alone and we will leave the world alone. No one else can live our journey for us. No one can think for us and no one can be us. It remains a fact that we carry with us emotions that include a profound sense of loss and abandonment. However, we are born with, and have been given tools to cope with loss and have internal resources inside of ourselves to be resilient. The Human Spirit and Life is meant to carry on. We still have the capacity for love in our hearts. We still have the capacity to love others and to physically spend time with others on the earth plane.

Let us tell ourselves and remind ourselves that we are still living on vibrant earth in the embrace and loving energy of mother Gaia and that she is here to support us and nurture us. While those whom we cared for and loved are no longer here in the present physical forms, their souls will live on. Their form has merely taken a different shape. Let us remind ourselves that we can still reach out to them even though they are no longer in the human form. It is okay to comfort ourselves regarding our changed circumstances and people and animals that no longer exist on the earth realm. It is important to acknowledge our feelings and our sense of loss.

For those whose loved ones have passed, depending on your beliefs, perhaps you could have a celebration in their Honor. You could incorporate a tradition in your loved one’s honor and start new traditions. Seek out and be with those who love you, the living ones who are still on the earth. They too enjoy celebrations. Make new friends. The pain is not going to go away. There will always be a wound, a hurt, a scar, but you have the ability and strength to work through it. Feel your sorrow, acknowledge it. Honor the beloved person or animal who has passed away or who is no longer with you. Take some time to be sad, to comfort yourself and to seek comfort from others; it is okay to be sad.

Loss of loved ones, though painful and changing, is a great opportunity to turn to our faith or at least to acknowledge there is something out there in the world that is greater than ourselves. Sometimes, perhaps more often than we admit, we look up to people as our rocks and strength. Actually, that strength also exists in a higher power, in something greater than ourselves. Whatever your faith is, or perhaps you are an atheist or agnostic, a great step to empower yourself is to acknowledge that there is a universe outside of our earthly and human existence, and that there are forces that exist that we can call on to use as resources. The point of doing this is so that we can give ourselves permission to turn to someone or something for help, so that we do not have to be strong all by ourselves.

Be kind to yourself this holiday season. Honor those you have loved and lost. Know that life will continue and that you have the power to comfort yourself, and to work through the pain and loss.

Sending Blessings and Light during this Holiday Season.


Overcoming the Fear

Earlier this month, I talked about how fear can paralyze us, and I asked that you to take some time to observe and feel what you are feeling afraid of.

There are so many kinds of fear and so many ways for us to experience fear. There is fear of the future, past, present, and things unknown. There is fear of what we have experienced in the past; some past events were unsettling, sad, and scary experiences that can be frightening and paralyzing to us. The feelings and memories can render us unable to think in the moment, and can affect our health - mental, physical, and emotional well-being. While we feel and re-live the fear and pain perhaps unconsciously or continually try to repress it, we can project those unpleasant experiences onto the present and perhaps envision them happening in the future. The whole process of this cycle can be painful, stressful, and definitely does not bring us peace. It can be in fact quite scary, immobilizing us, rendering us unable to clearly see the immediate situation that we have at hand. Fear paralyzes us and leaves us unable to accurately assess what is happening in the now and how to plan accordingly.

Fear can confront us on a daily basis be it in the forms of the minutiae or grander things. Fear can take so many forms and arises because of many things. Anger is a form of fear. You can fear for your kids, your grandkids, your parents. We can fear for not being able to put food on the table, our debts, keeping a roof over our heads, that we will never be good enough, that we will get sick, or that we will die or that our spouse, partner, kids, parents, or our loved ones will die or get sick. We fear that we are going to get a parking ticket, or that we will crash our cars, or be held responsible for something we did not do. We fear getting sick and not being able to take care of the bills or not being able to take care of ourselves. We fear getting a scratch on our car, or chipping a nail. We fear eating too much, of having high blood pressure. We fear that we will not be able to move from our houses or offices to places we truly want to live and be in. We fear that we will not be able to pay for vacations, trips or classes that we want to take. We fear that our beloved will cheat on us or leave us, or die on us. We fear that a tree will fall on our house. We fear our own life journey. We fear death. We fear we that we will not get that promotion, the new job or position we applied for. We fear rejection and being rejected. We fear losing a contest. We fear will disappoint those that love us.

Fear obscures and confuscates that which is most important to us in our lives. Fear holds us back and renders us unable to address and move through our circumstances, unable to do things that truly bring us joy and fulfillment. The ego relishes fear because fear holds us back, keeps in our place, and can prevent us from fully embracing and going into our hearts and truly connecting. Fear prevents us from accessing our Higher Self, that is ourselves in a higher state of consciousness, and a more empowered state.

The truth is that events and things do not have to go badly and we do not need to be fearful of things. Every case scenario is different and we have the control and power in our hands to take control of our lives in positive ways. Only when we can work through our issues of fear and begin to trust, is when we can move towards and be in our hearts connecting in to stronger forms of energy with more life-changing potential.

When we can learn to acknowledge and feel our fear rather than suppress it, then we can truly work towards overcoming our fear. Then we have the chance at changing our fear-based reactions, coming to terms with our feelings and creating a better life for ourselves. Hare gives us a sense of insight and inner knowing from the subconscious mind. According to Alexis Cartwright, “Hare allows suppressed memories and emotions to be released so the body and consciousness can heal.... Hare gives us the resources to act swiftly to resolve existing concerns without ongoing drama so we can find inner peace.” Alexis Cartwright, Animal Magic 2005, p. 144. It is so important that we understand why we are feeling certain ways; it is important to know where our feelings are coming from. It is important to give yourself time to feel fear; do not suppress it. It is important to know that fear is a feeling, it is a memory or emotion, and that it cannot hurt you. It is important to know that what we fear has either happened in the past or has not yet happened, and fear does not need to dictate the circumstances of the reality of our lives.

To release fear out of the body, it is key to shift the vibration of the body. Knowing that one should not be afraid in one’s head on the mental plane is completely different than actually feeling the fear, stress and tension actually dissipate and leave the body. For fear stress and tension to leave the body, vibrational shifts in the body need to happen because fear stress and tension are actually vibrations. Just one One to One Transference Healing can help to shift the vibrations of the body, to help release the feelings of fear, tension and stress.

For more information on working One to One With Me please refer to my website at

Wishing you and yours a Joyous and Healthy Holiday Season.

Living Your Truth

Oh truth truth, what are you, truth truth?
Even in the darkest night the truth shines rays of light,
Standing steadfast in the breeze
Never ripping asunder.

What is the truth of a thing or a matter? Can it just be a little embellished? How much truth has to be true for it to be used and defined as the truth? Is it absolute, or is it according to what set of facts one wants to use? How much truth is the truth? Is it truthful enough where others find it truthful, or is something truthful only when one truly knows it to be truthful in their heart?

I learned in law school, that truth is the art of the argument for a case, and as one of my professors would say, the truth depends on “which side is you on.” While in litigation, trial lawyers put forth the facts that favor their clients’ positions. Then, to find what the heart of the matter is, a judge or a jury decides based on the combined and sum set of facts put together while simultaneously parsing them. All of this to find out what truly happened, what the truth of the matter is. And, in even then during this litigation, the standard of the law is not the absolute Truth, but rather the standard for finding the “truth” is meeting one’s burden of the matter: beyond the shadow of a doubt in a criminal matter and the preponderance of the evidence in a civil matter. This example of law shows that reaching the truth of a matter between two or more parties can be a complex involved matter, and that there is disagreement on the Truth.

Litigation aside, what if there is only one person involved and that person is you and only you know what happened? How do you truly think or feel about the situation? Are you truthful to yourself? Or do you try to lie to yourself, or lie to other people even though you know the truth? Some people lie so much that they get used to it. Science shows that the human brain gets accustomed to lying over time - the first time a person lies they get really upset and bothered, there are physiological reactions to it. As time goes on the person continues and they keep lying and get more comfortable with it, good at telling lies to other people. “According to a recent Nature Neuroscience study by Tali Sharot and her team at University College London, the more we lie for our own benefit, the more desensitized we become to the negative emotions associated with lying, and the easier it becomes to tell even bigger lies.” This is Your Brain On Lies, by Crystal Goh, Mindful, December 16, 2016,

Consider that for people who lie and who are not telling and standing in their truths, that it can negatively impact their physical health and cause ailments like creating high blood pressure, insomnia, body aches and pains. When people lie to themselves or do not live in their truths, they often stuff their emotions and feelings down into their bodies and they can end up getting sick. Also, when people have told lies, they have to remember what they lied about, what they said or did not stay, and this can create big problems. Lying can create all kinds of complications in one’s personal and professional life. Not only can health be on the line, but professional licenses also; people can lose their licenses, and in some cases even be arrested for lying.

Now in contrast to lying, there is the truth, the wholesome, honest to goodness truth. Sometimes others can get jealous of those being in their truth or feel very uncomfortable around them. The truth rings supreme and has a steadfast uncanny way of holding and ringing true no matter what.
I often work on establishing the truth of a matter with clients while working with them on their immigration cases. Some of them have previously told lies in their immigration past. Trying to unravel the lies they have told them while making sure the client continues to tell the truth and not create more lies and falsehoods is a challenge. It would have been so much easier for the person to have told the truth in the beginning. The old adage that says, “The Truth is on your side” is one that stands strong in all areas of my life.

The Universe holds me to a high degree of truthfulness. For me not to tell the truth can create all kinds of problems and I do not want to find out what they could be. I would rather tell the truth and face the consequences of my actions then to tell a lie to cover it up and try to get out of it. When one lies, not only the error or misdeed as happened, but now a lie, another misdeed has happened on top of it, then mess after mess has been created, and it becomes harder and harder to rectify the situation.

People who live in their truth can often make people who do not live their truth feel uncomfortable for simply being who they are.

People who live in their truth often are not even aware of the dynamics because they tend to stay humble and grounded in reality. People who admit the truth tend to not go into their egos because they automatically keep themselves in check because they admit their shortcomings and errors. There is a certain ease that people have who live in their truth; they often do not have physical ailments and they can and do feel free to live and to be.

Owl helps me stand in my truth. Owl gives me the strength and courage to look at myself and to be true to myself, clearing away self-deception. Being truthful helps me to discern what is relevant and in this manner, I can make my life better by absorbing accurate information and knowledge, truth, and wisdom.

The Energy of Dragon and Divine Will

What force is greater than oneself that creates serendipitous and synchronized circumstances,  moves mountains, and allows for boundless miracles? What is the force that supports events to unfold in beautiful and mysterious ways for the benefit and enhancement of overall well-being of oneself and humanity? The force is the power of the Divine. Aligning one’s power with the will of the Divine enables one to work and create miracles.


To align one’s power with that of the Divine, one must set their intent in good faith and with love, trusting in the Divine. One must make their intent to be of service, to serve for the highest good of all. Then, one must do their part to plan the logistics of the work, and set things in motion, so they can happen in the physical realm. With one’s will in align with the Divine, and by doing the work, that is when the magic happens. Events unfold: the people one meets and the things that happen are serendipitous and synchronized with the project, goal and work.  Resources abound and events beautifully and effortlessly unfold.  This is the power of Divine Will in action.


Surrendering to the Divine starts with recognizing and then acknowledging that there is a force greater than oneself in the universe and then surrendering to it, allowing the force to work through you to help you.  The key word for Dragon is Divine Will (Alexis Cartwright, Animal Magic, 2005, p. 90).  Alexis Cartwright writes, “‘Transference Healing(R) Dragon Power’ is the most profound power source held on the planet.” Alexis Cartwright, Transference Healing Animal Magic, 2005, p. 91. 


Dragon Power and Divine Will work in tandem, when one is working from their heart and not from their ego.  Working from one’s heart allows one to work according to the will of the Divine. One may seek challenges as one works towards a goal because their intent is tested to see if it is pure and coming from one’s heart.  If one’s intent pure, then Dragon Power, the power of the Divine, is triggered, will come into help, and will remain to help, as long as one stays in their heart and their intent remains pure.  One is truly empowered by working from the heart in align with Divine Will.


Dragon Power will help one move forward on their projects, and to transform and change. Aligning oneself with Divine Will will bless one’s projects in the most fortuitous and magical ways; ways in which one could never have imagined. Dragon Power allows one to be in their heart which is to open their heart letting the magic and love flow. At the same time Dragon Power allows one to protect themselves, and to stand in their power so they are not run down and can take care of themselves.  Dragon Power counteracts negative feelings. It helps with goals, purifying one’s ego and intent, and helps one feel more calm and dignified. Dragon Power is a magical force that creates light, freedom, happiness and a new state of being. 


When one’s intent is pure, when one connects to their heart, this allows for the ultimate connection to the Divine.   Aligning oneself with Divine Will is a key to truly know and understand that everything happens in Divine Timing. Through Divine Will flows the keys for being truly productive - patience, faith, trust, clarity, and wellness, for the highest good of all. 

Teaching, Learning and Leading

When we teach something to others, we also learn. Teaching affords us the opportunity to better understand the subject matter at hand because we must slow down, and go step by step in order to carefully grasp each and every nuance of the subject matter we are teaching. We must digest the subject matter, and then present it succinctly and concisely in a fashion that people can easily grasp and understand. Then, we must convey that to people who may have never have even heard of the subject matter. That is the true art of teaching. It is easier said than done. It is one thing for us to go quickly, run through, and not analyze a subject. But it is a whole other matter for us to stop, think, break down, explain why, and present slowly, patiently make our way through, repeating and rephrasing ourselves if necessary. What better way to learn something and to hone one’s own understanding of a subject than by teaching it to someone else.
While it can be taxing to teach someone in a way that they can truly grasp, understand and learn, or for them to gain some knowledge or viewpoint that they did not have previously, it is possible for us to reap rewards and to be enriched from teaching. It can be extremely satisfying to teach other people. Also, sometimes through teaching, we or our students are able to perceive or understand the subject matter in a way that had not been seen before. The art of teaching and the rewards of teaching are beautiful things.

Teaching can often be a self-less act; perhaps it is driven by the innate longing of wanting another soul to learn and know that which you have spent countless or thousand hours at, toiling away, grasping or even struggling yourself to know or understand. You want to make it easier for your students. You want to share your unique perspective, imparting the information in an accessible way for them, so they too can learn and understand.

And so, with reflecting on and discussing all of this, I have come to a new cycle in healing and growth where Spirit has asked me to teach. Divining the Wolf Card this month is an auspicious and clear sign that I am being directed and encouraged to teach, to use my voice and what I have learned, to teach others.

We must remember that when we teach, we take on a leadership role. This is because teachers are considered to have a position of authority, imparting wisdom to their students; because students learn from their teachers, they are influenced by them. It is so important to keep in mind that leadership is about service to others; it is not solely about ourselves. Teaching and leadership both require one to act responsibly, with integrity, for the highest good of the collective whole.

Something magical happens when a person teaches. Teaching is moving a step forward. This is a new phase in life where we can learn something new through teaching others. Teachers teach by example and are leaders; they set examples and standards for others of how they live their lives and approach things in life. Words alone are not enough; walking one’s talk, and teaching by example pave the way for true leadership. 

The Process of Change and Awakening

You find yourself in a rut doing the same thing every day unable to get out of it. You are not able to see a bigger picture of why you are living your life and exist in the world.  You may find that you go through your days in a routine. You are in an awake sleep state and you cannot wake yourself out of it.  Wanting to break out, you find that you cannot break out, or perhaps you are not even aware that you are able to break out of the routine. Or, you may have no clue how to begin to break out of the routine. You feel that this routine will go on forever and forever, and you will never break free from it.


However, the truth is, quoting Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher, “change is the only constant in life.” Change in life is indeed inevitable.  The Universe requires that we come out of and away from our routines because we cannot stay stagnate or the same forever.  The Universe in its infinite wisdom has its ways of creating the means for the change to happen. The Universe actually may move us to change or we may choose to change ourselves. Sometimes the process of moving and shifting is painful but at the same time the change can be very freeing.  The Shift for some people can be apparent and visible to the outside world and to themselves: relocating homes or offices, changing jobs, having a baby, getting married, or getting divorced. The Shift can be very unexpected e.g. being terminated from a job, or a natural disaster ruining one’s home. For others, the Shift can be very traumatic and even devastating: experiencing a life-debilitating illness or death of a spouse, parent or loved one.  We are not saying that change is easy.  But you can help the process of the Change or Shift and make it easier for yourself,

by becoming aware of what is going on


When something or someone is taken away from us, or we lose something or we leave something behind, or someone is no longer with us, there is immediate change in our world. When we no longer have someone or something that we had before, we have a brand new and different perspective in our lives.  Suddenly, the sense of security, power, or familiarity that we felt with the person or thing is pulled away from us. We can feel vulnerable or powerless.  At the same time, despite our frustration and pain, we are suddenly free because we are no longer dependent on the person or thing that gave us the sense of security.  This can be an unsettling concept; perhaps it feels disloyal or sacrilegious to even dare contemplate that we could be free by losing someone or something that was our whole world. 


What’s going on with the world then? What and why are these Shifts and Changes in the Universe shifting and changing our External Reality?


We are being the gift of awakening, the purpose of which is so that we can come into the Light, see the Light, and begin to co-create the existence of our reality and to remember from where we came from.  The awakening is happening so that we can shift and reconnect to our Divine Self.  We are being supported in the year of 2018 to make huge shifts in our reality and consciousness and the Universe is divinely supporting us to do this.


There are many things presently happening in the Universe that are quantifiable and can be verified that are helping us to awaken, shift and change. In the months of July and August this year, there were three eclipses (on July 12th, 27th and August 11th). Eclipses signify change and create incredible opportunities to change. Sometimes the logistics of the change can feel messy, painful, even devastating, like one’s whole world has come crashing down. But in reality, the change is an incredible opportunity for change. Another major event that happened this month was the LionsGate Awakening which occurred August 8. The LionsGate occurs every year on August 8th.  The LionsGate Awakening happens in the star sign of Leo.  During the time of the LionsGate, the Earth, the Star Sirius, and the Sun are in alignment. With the alignment comes an intense surge of light which causes and helps us to awaken. According to Alexis Cartwright, “Sirius is the largest and most brilliant star in the heavens, situated 8.6 light years from Earth. It is located in the eye of the great dog Canis Major, and is therefore known in mythology as the ‘Dog Star.’....Sirian frequencies are very pure frequencies of light that filter down and into our dimension from the dimensions of Sirius via the Sirian ‘stellar gateway’ (located where the star Sirius is in the sky)... Sirius...opens the third eye chakra so new levels of consciousness and enlightenment can manifest.” Alexis Cartwright, Transference Healing Animal Magic, Transference Healing Pty. Ltd., 2005, p. 282.


Take a deep breathe.  Now close your eyes.  Picture Light. Beautiful White Light that filters in and around your body, mind and soul. Beautiful white light filters through in the atmosphere, in your surroundings and in all corners of your world. Light helps us to see because it illuminates what is going on in and around us. Light shows us the way so that we know what we are doing.  Light shows what is distorted and not working in our lives, so that we can clear, restore, and actually improve our situations.


Part of our awakening process requires that certain things about us or our lives need to break down and that we get pulled out of the routines in our lives.  That is when some of the Changes/Shifts that we discussed above can happen.


While the Universe is presenting us with this lovely gift of awakening and light, we must also do our part to be able to receive the gift.  It is an important part of this awakening process to keep an open mind and heart and to take some time for introspection. Introspection is the examination or observation of one’s own mental and emotional processes.  It is self-examination. It is soul-searching. It is self-observation.  Introspection helps us see things in a new light and helps us to become conscious of what needs to change for our highest good. Conducting introspection during the time of awakening and when surrounded by the light helps give us courage to make changes without fear.


If there is one thing to take with you from reading this, it is that you are divinely supported and encouraged by the Universe at this time to make changes in yourself, and in your reality, for your highest good. Awaking and Introspection gives you the perspective and direction to reconnect with and remember your Divine Self, for your peace, fulfillment and happiness here on Earth and beyond. With a little work and a little faith, you have the power to make those changes happen.

Two Key Elements for Aligning With Your Higher Self: Honesty and Integrity

Aligning with your Higher Self begins with being Honest and in Integrity with Yourself. Alexis Cartwright defines the Higher Self as follows: “The Higher Self is the consciousness of the Godhead that encompasses the totality of all knowledge, reason and wisdom sustained within Nature and our universe. It is the consciousness, which orchestrates the creation and function of the human body, as well as, the spiritual technology that sustains our universe. It is the consciousness we can tap into to retrieve the answers to all we seek to understand.” Transference Healing Animal Magic by Alexis Cartwright, Transference Healing Pty. Ltd., 2005, p. 276.

You can access your Higher Self by connecting to your spirituality. The reason for tapping into the spiritual side of yourself is so that you can feel more fulfilled and more at peace, living your life to your fullest potential, for your highest good. However, you cannot truly access your spiritual side for your highest good without being honest and in integrity with yourself. Living your best life begins with honesty and integrity because honesty and integrity allows one to accurately assess the state of their life. While honesty and integrity seem straightforward, many people are challenged to do it, evidenced by the fact that people self-medicate, and distract themselves with external things. It can feel uncomfortable to still oneself and take a deep look inward. However, until you conduct an honest assessment of your feelings and where you are in your life, then you cannot truly and really begin to move forward.

One of the things to carefully look at it in a self-assessment is what you want in your life. And it is not about what you think you want or what you think you should want. Honestly ask yourself what you want from life: your hopes, dreams and goals. Also, ask yourself honestly what are your insecurities and fears about not being able to achieve these hopes, dreams and goals? Your true hopes, your true dreams, and your true wishes, they are worthy and valid.

It is important to identify and acknowledge any insecurities and fear around what you want because if you squash your dreams with fear, that is self-defeating and not helpful for you to attain your dreams. Let’s look at insecurities and fear in closer detail.

Have you ever tried to do something before and failed at it? You wish that you had kept going and tried again, but instead you told yourself that what you wanted to accomplish was not important and it did not matter anyway?

Do you console yourself by telling yourself, “If only I did x, y, and z I could have been someone famous or done something really important or meaningful in my life?

Do you just imagine and pretend that you could have accomplished something significant in life? Do you make excuses and place blame on others as to why you did not get to accomplish what you wanted? Obstacles and challenges will always exist; that is part of the reality of being human. Humans face challenges; we have had challenges since before we were born. It was challenging for us to be conceived. Growing in our mother’s womb. Making it out of the birth canal into the world. Arriving in a healthy state with all of our original limbs, toes, and organs formed and functioning. Simply put, being born was a challenge. And the fact that we are alive and continue to stay alive is wondrous because life is never guaranteed and can cease in an instant.

The point of being honest and in integrity about our lives, to truly look at our shortcomings, our wishes, and our desires is so that we can truly assess and address what needs to be supported and worked on. If we do not turn on the lights in a room we will not be able to see what is dirty and needs to be cleaned. If we do not open the mail we will not be able to see what bills or notices that come in and needs to be addressed. If we do not open our drawers then we will not see what items are in the drawers that we can use, work with, or can let go of.

Death and the Continuation of Life Here on Earth

During the past eighteen months, there have been so many loved ones who have died and passed on, departing the earth plane. They have been grandparents, parents, siblings, children, pets, and even famous people, leaving many of the living people remaining on this earth feeling heartbroken, sad, and feeling loss.  What is it, one wonders? Why have people been passing away during these past eighteen months? One could explain it as a natural course of events in life because parents have been growing older and getting on in years.  However, how does one explain that some of the parents have been relatively young, that some people who passed on were actually young, and that many of these deaths were quite unexpected because some of the people who passed on were in good health and were not sick.  Other people, however, indeed had been going through enduring and challenging health issues for quite some time.


I have watched so many of my friends and colleagues grieve and be challenged with the new situations and realities that they are now confronted with: they continue to exist and to remain living on earth but their loved ones are no longer present in the mortal flesh. Some friends and colleagues were daily caretakers of their mothers or fathers or they spent a large portion of their lives focused around the caring for their beloved.  Some had just witnessed their children get newly married, the birth of their grand-child, and then for whatever reason, either the parent with the brand-new baby, the newlywed, or even the brand-new baby, departed the earth. Suddenly, with the passing of the loved one, the once-joyful and talk-filled moments of time with appointments to go to, food to prepare, visits to do, are suddenly gone, there is suddenly freed-up time, and there is an emptiness that sets in. Perhaps the emptiness can be kept at bay at first as the days are busy planning the funeral arrangements, receiving visits, phone calls and cards from loved one, and sorting of the estate. However, as all of these activities come to an end, and the quiet settles in, the pain and emptiness can be felt from both the inside, and on the outside world.


Many people had looked to their deceased parent(s), beloved, or loved ones for support. Many had a feeling that they were completed by these people, that they were a quiet and steadfast pillar of strength that they repeatedly looked towards during the both rough and rugged times, and also during the calm and serene times. Others saw their deceased parents or loved ones intermittently, spending certain times of the year with them during holidays, birthdays and vacations. Others were stunned that a brand-new baby or child could pass away so quickly and steal away precious moments of love and joy never felt or realized.  Others who had troubled relationships or estranged relationships with the one who passed on, still found themselves impacted by the death.


Now, in life, just as the wind blows or the storm brews, unleashes and passes, people find that their loved is gone – someone who was once part of them, who they would and could talk to and touch, is no longer a mortal and in tangible form.  The reality is that the parent, beloved or loved one has died and passed on to another place.  Where that different place actually is, has many different views or interpretations based on the religious or spiritual association one is drawn to and associated with. But one thing is certain; that the parent, beloved or loved one no longer dwells in the physical flesh on the earth. Some people feel like their own lives have ended because they feel that their loved one was part of them, or an extension of themselves and therefore a part of themselves has died. They feel at a loss for daily strength and guidance. Now they no longer know how to spend their days. They are bereaved. Even people with the troubled or estranged relationships with the deceased person can find themselves impacted because that person had been in their life for so long; perhaps they finally feel at peace, or perhaps they feel troubling emotions such as sorrow, regret or guilt. It is so important to allow yourself time to grieve, to feel the pain, to feel the loss, to honor yourself, your loved one and the relationship you had with them and the love you felt for them. Also, it is so important to acknowledge and reflect upon the person who died with whom you had a troubled relationship or were estranged from, to give yourself permission to reflect upon the relationship, and to give yourself permission to feel whatever feelings that arise from the reflection.


While it can be painful (or not painful) to lose a loved one, whether it is a spouse, child, parent, sibling, partner, family member or friend, the loss creates an incredible opportunity to initiate changes in yourself. The reason for this is because externally a part of your own physical reality has changed; so, why not truly reflect that and make changes in your inner and outer reality. Some people while grieving, get stuck in the grieving process, and the feelings of loss and sadness remain with no change in direction.  However, there is no need to get stuck in the grieving process forever: there are resources and things you can turn to and use to help you process your grief.


Since your physical world is different now because someone has passed away, how about taking action by going inward, and also by reflecting your new reality out onto the world through your way of being.


Your physical world has changed; your loved one is no longer physically living; your emotions have changed. You are grieving and feeling bad, perhaps you feel an emptiness inside of you, as if something is missing. Things in the physical world are not going to be the same anymore. What do you do? Do you want to despair and feel that your whole world is over because your beloved one is no longer with you? Do you think that your dear loved one would want to you to feel and react that way towards their passing?  Or perhaps would your loved one want you to keep going with your life living it in your best way possible to be happy and fulfilled?  Often when we lose a loved one we are triggered to consider what is the meaning of life.  That is a good thing because that contemplation can take us on a journey inward, of self-reflection and introspection…One thing that can be said about self-reflection and introspection is that it helps create an awareness that may not have existed before. And just the act of self-reflection and introspection can be counted towards making a change and engaging in a new activity.


Now is a great opportunity to empower yourself, to make yourself stronger. Just like an athlete suffers an injury and rehabilitates it back to health, we too can nurse ourselves back to health and make ourselves stronger, after we get hurt from the death of our loved one. Perhaps we can become stronger than we were before, and even stronger than we could even imagine ourselves to be. 


Nothing in life stays the same or lasts forever.  So too, death is an inevitable part of life and presents a great opportunity to learn.  In school we did not stay in the same class or grade forever; we changed grades and moved up to levels where we were challenged with more material, more responsibilities; more things were required of us. The increased challenges and responsibility were not bad things; in fact, they helped us grow.  When we were children we had also certain responsibilities, and they increased in number overtime.  As we learned, acquired more responsibilities, gained new information, and saw different perspectives, we became more confident in ourselves. With more confidence in ourselves, came a feeling of empowerment. With the feeling of empowerment came feeling a sense of freedom.


This is a great opportunity to turn to our faith or at least acknowledge there is something out there in the world that is greater than ourselves.  Sometimes, perhaps more often than we admit, we look up to people as our rock and strength. Actually, that strength also exists in a higher power, in something greater than ourselves. Whatever your faith is, or perhaps you are an atheist or agnostic, a great step to empower yourself is to acknowledge that there is a universe outside of our earthly and human existence, and that there are forces that exist that we can call on to use as resources. The point of doing this is so that we can give ourselves permission to turn to someone or something for help, so that we do not have to be strong all by ourselves.


 We are not professing to have all of the answers. We are not giving a trite solution to a significantly often-devastating life event that can create great grief, sorrow, upheaval and turmoil.  We are just suggesting that you might try to gently shift your perspective in light of your new physical reality on the earth plane, and to see it as a new opportunity to make changes for the better for you and your life.

We Have The Ability To Manifest What Our Heart Desires

Manifestation is a word with such a deep meaning. An often-asked question for many people is: Do I truly have the ability to manifest what my heart desires?

In our previous writings, we have talked about topics that include conducting ourselves with honesty, integrity, and reliability see, “Being Truly Reliable Means Being Able to Count On Yourself.” What is the importance of incorporating these actions and things into our lives? Is it just for the sake of our own self-care, deriving personal self-satisfaction and patting oneself on the back? Or, is there a greater purpose, some kind of universal collective award?

Is the only reason for living our lives and always aspiring to live our lives consistently with honesty, integrity and reliability is to just prove that we can handle the challenges that life presents to us? These challenges include life’s little challenges, and life’s big challenges. What is the point? Why go to all of that bother you ask? Why not just aspire to get it right at the important times that you can, and call it a day when you cannot? Isn’t that a better way to treat yourself? Sometimes we work so hard, yet because we are human, sometimes we just cannot get it right, as much as we try. Because of this reality, it is indeed important to have compassion for ourselves as we discussed in “Compassion Helps Lighten Our Loads,” and to not self-judge ourselves as we discussed in “Releasing Self-Judgement is an Act of Self Care.” However, this does not mean that we should not continue to push ourselves, and to challenge ourselves in order to grow and learn. After all, we came here to this planet earth for a purpose. No matter what our each individual purpose is, each of us with our individual purpose, is a delicate and integral part of the human and the broader universal fabric, existence, and experience.

But, so what we say to ourselves, we do not care about this one iota. Okay then: Look around you. How is your life? Are you truly content and fulfilled with your life and have achieved all that your heart desires? Are you truly being honest and in integrity when you answer this question? If so, stop. Read no further.

However, do you find yourself wanting something more in your life? We must stress that we are not speaking of material things. We are speaking of immaterial things: Being able to maintain a peaceful and balanced state of mind when your deadlines and bills are due. When bills are due and there is not enough money in the bank to cover them. When your child, spouse, elderly parent or loved one falls ill, and when you fall ill at the exact same time. When someone close to you dies. When things do not work out as you hoped. Also, we are referring to maintaining peace and balance when good and beautiful things happen.Getting a job promotion. Winning money. The birth of a child. Getting a new haircut, dress or car.

In sadness, disappointment, and in happiness, it is important to remember to focus, to balance, and to align. Why is this important? The purpose of keeping an even keel and maintaining grounding and alignment is so that manifestation can continue to happen. When we do not worry about the material things and the external events happening to us, we can maintain peace and a relaxed and detached state of being within ourselves. This peace and relaxed and detached state of being then creates a space that can then allow for good things to come into our space. When we are off-balance and worry, our energy is off-kilter, we are worried and become attached to outcomes, and then in turn this can allow for negative energy and things to come into our space. Like a domino effect, negative events can result in a downward spiral that does not seem to end or relent. Then, whilst in the downward spiral, it can be difficult to climb out of it and start moving up again.

The key to maintain peace and detachment, and thus avoid negativity when both good things and bad things are happening is to actually BE balanced and aligned. To BE means not just to think it in your brain. Not just to have it as a passing thought. Not to just talk about it ad naseum for hours and hours on end. Not to wish for it and think it will happen one day. No, rather, in order to BE balanced and aligned, some steps need to be taken. And, this is where the actions of honesty, integrity, being compassionate with and reliable to oneself come in. In doing these things, we are BEING respectful and caring with ourselves and towards other people. In doing these things we feel better and more balanced and aligned. When we are in balance and aligned and at peace, our frequency raises. When our frequency raises then we can be in the right vibration to attract things that we want for ourselves. Being balanced, aligned and at peace creates the space and opportunities for us to reach up and out, move forward, to manifest things that will make us grow and enrich us, and that we wish for in our lives.

Being Truly Reliable Means Being Able To Count On Yourself

Did you know that if you cannot be reliable to yourself, then you cannot truly have others depend on you? To determine whether you are sincerely reliable to yourself, then you must first be honest with yourself and you must project that honesty out into the world. Some people pretend to be honest in their assessment, but they do not really want to find or know the truth. So, what happens is that some people pretend that they are reliable to themselves, but they really are not.

But what do you mean, you ask? What is being reliable to oneself?

Most often when one thinks of reliability, one calls to mind being on time, keeping your word, coming through for someone in a time of crisis, doing something consistently and unwaveringly, paying bills on time, perhaps having a good credit score. Being faithful to your partner. Returning phone calls. Sending money every month for someone’s support, perhaps your parents or children. Taking care of an elderly person in the family, a small child, or regularly cooking or supplying food on a regular basis to groups of guests, or even to people who just drop in unexpectedly to your house; you accommodate their schedules. Bailing someone out of jail. 

Always being there in an emergency, no matter what it takes, where someone’s life or liberty hangs in the balance. Ignoring public policy or safety concerns when making a decision or judgement for the benefit of the principal individual.  Paying your adult child’s credit card bill, light bill or car insurance every month.  Perhaps you are reliable in that you provide great customer service at a fraction of the cost of your competitors or other similarly-situated service providers.  People say that you are a good ole’ dad or a good ole’ mum. Or that you are a great sister, brother, daughter, son, in-law, boss, or worker. People say, thank goodness for you to help out, that you are their rock. It appears awesome and good to take great measures and go to great lengths for people or to be the reliable steady eddy in someone’s life.  It feels awesome to be called the old faithful, that you are consistent, reliable and unwavering.

While it may appear awesome and noble to undertake all of some of these endeavors, have we ever stopped to consider if we are reliable to ourselves. What, you ask? What does being reliable to yourself mean? Until now, have we ever looked in a different direction other than from the perspective of the outward appearance of reliability? Have we ever looked inwards to assess how we have been reliable towards ourselves?

Let’s say that you are the type of person that runs around and makes time for everyone, and you are a person of your word.  But consider: Are you reliable to yourself? Have you ever let yourself down? Reliability can range from the most mundane, routine and boring to the most important pressing matters; there are so many ways of being reliable to ourselves in so many ways. Do you brush your hair and brush and floss your teeth on a regular basis? Do you go for routine teeth cleanings or medical checkups?   Do you consistently do these things well and on time?  Do you keep your promises to yourself, things like promising yourself that you are going to exercise more, or do morning stretches? How about doing your taxes on time, by the deadline? How about starting that project that you have always wanted to start, or finishing the one that you already started?  How about the promise you made to find a way to make more money? Or to save up for that item, trip or experience that you have always wanted to have?  Have you been reliable to yourself? Can you depend on yourself to take care of you in case of an emergency? How about relying on yourself like obtaining and being able to afford to pay for  a divorce or an emergency , making up a will, or signing a power of attorney so someone could speak for you in the event of an emergency?

Or, instead of being reliable to yourself, have you in fact let yourself down? Have you spent all of your resources in support of other people so that you are out of money, feel spent, exhausted, depleted, and unable to provide for yourself? Have you been reliable in a way to others that puts yourself out and makes you unable to take care of or provide for yourself?  Does paying your adult child’s bills leave you unable to pay for your current bills, or unable to put money away for your retirement or savings? How about taking care of an elderly person or child? Are you physically able and strong enough care for them? Does taking care of them require that you physically maneuver them in a way that will leave you physically exhausted, in pain, or hurt in some way?  Or does being reliable leave you unable to pay your own bills, or unable to give yourself the financial means to do some things you have always wanted to do? Does being reliable take up time and money that you do not have or cannot afford? How about when over the years you had a household full of people who dropped in at the last moment and you constantly cooked for them and served them. Did you forgo looking at your own life in terms of how you were feeling – how your health or energy level was? Perhaps the activities tore you away from tending to projects in your house that you had been meaning to do, or kept you from having or taking the time to plan your whole future.

Where are you now? Has being reliable truly enriched your life and made you stronger?

The experience or process of being reliable should be one that makes us become even stronger in ourselves, grow deeper in our roots and richer in our experiences, giving us a strong solid foundation from where we can grow stronger and move forward to create and work towards greater endeavors. Reliability should not leave us feel weak, exhausted, depleted, spent, unable to take care of ourselves. That is not the purpose of being reliable. To be reliable in a way that sells ourselves short, that harms us, that is not truly being reliable. If we are reliable in a way that harms ourselves, then we are not truly being reliable to ourselves. And then, it is just a matter of time that we will not be that so-called and perceived reliable person that we had been with others because our foundation will crumble, we will not be on solid ground, we  will lose our footing, and then no one will be able to rely on us, including ourselves.

So, in looking ahead, think about yourself in terms of reliability. How are you going to be reliable to yourself, starting today?  How have you been failing yourself or not as reliable to yourself as you think should be? The point is not to chide yourself and make yourself feel bad that you have not done for yourself. Rather, the point is to get you to an assessment of how you have not been reliable to yourself, make a plan of how you will do better for yourself, and then move into action.

 Being reliable to yourself is all for your well-being: For your life. For your foundation. For your peace and soundness, in body, mind and spirit.

The Process of Death & Rebirth

In order to get something that you want in your life that you do not have, you have to step out of your ordinary routine and the regular course of your life.  Often this means that you have to either give up something, take new steps or actions, or set a different course for yourself, mentally, physically, spiritually or emotionally.

People often feel that they are stuck in a situation.  Sometimes they find themselves reacting out of fear. Sometimes they fear that they are not and never will be good enough. Sometimes they feel they do not have the strength or ability to change. Sometimes they are afraid of failure. Sometimes people are even afraid of success.

People often say that they are doing just fine with their lives, that things are going well, and that nothing needs to change. However, upon closer examination, people may see a thing or two, or several that could stand to improve or change.

It can be a scary thing to change no matter how uncomfortable our current situation is.  After all, sometimes it is much more comfortable to stick with the feelings of familiarity, of the familiar daily routine and norms. Even though these familiar and comfortable situations are disruptive and disturbing to one’s sanity peace of mind, (and sometimes even to one’s physical well-being), they, in the end, have a way of simmering back down and can temporarily ignored.

We sometimes find ourselves in these uncomfortable yet familiar situations: Friends, family members, a spouse, colleague, partner, or parent that yells, is disruptive, or is critical or judgmental.  A boss that is demanding and unreasonable. Office politics that are tense or filled with corruption.  Tons of drama among friends.  Cheating, lying, infidelity, and manipulation. People who simply “know it all” and/or are so opinionated to the point that they are unable to hear anyone else’s point of view.  People who are “self-righteous” or are just too busy running their mouths and could care less what you or anyone else has to say. Enduring the silent treatment for countless days by a loved one.  Waiting patiently for friends or loved ones to respond to your phone calls and attempts to engage with them. Giving your time to someone who is emotionally unavailable or who is not available to be in a relationship with you because they are already committed to someone else. Succumbing to others’ unreasonable demands because it is the “right thing to do” it is “our role” it is “our place” it is the “way to keep the peace.”  Putting ourselves out or last so that others can be made to feel comfortable even though they are being excessively demanding or unreasonable.  Stifling our voices or way of being because we are too afraid to speak up.

There are other familiar and uncomfortable scenarios of not having one’s finances in order. Being in debt. Not having one’s taxes filed. Not having your spouse or children provided for in the event that you should pass away.  Staying with a job that makes us feel uncomfortable. Or, not having your dream job and feeling like you will never be able to obtain one.

There is the familiar and uncomfortable scenario of denying ourselves. Putting off things you want to do until you retire.  Putting off that trip you have been wanting to take.  Putting off taking that painting class, or learning to play an instrument, or learning something else. Waiting to do something that you have always wanted to do.

There is the scenario of continuing to do familiar and uncomfortable things that make us physically ill. Putting off quitting smoking: you want to quit smoking because the cigarettes are making you sick and cough all the time and feel physically bad including having trouble with your breathing.  Continuing to eat that third doughnut, or the second pint of ice cream even though the extra weight on your body is making you sick and creating health problems, putting pressure on your internal organs, bones and joints, and making your blood pressure soar. Continuing to consume exorbitant amounts of sugar or caffeine even though you are getting sick from eating so much and it feels like your heart is racing all of the time.

Sometimes we just stay in these situations because it feels like it just would be much more painful to walk away or put our foot down to set our boundaries, then to just remain and keep the status quo. Somehow it just feels more comfortable to stay in the painful situation. It is familiar.  Sometimes we just cannot fathom making the change. Sometimes we fear that we will be loved less or criticized by speaking our truth and setting boundaries. Sometimes we want the change to happen without having to do anything about it ourselves.  

Some people never do make any kind of changes. They remain stuck and often become physically sick from the constant pressure and struggle. Or they self-medicate with alcohol, drugs, overeating, gambling, or with other addictions.  Other people have “help” from the Universe to get out of the situation and become unstuck: perhaps a dramatic situation occurred such as a close brush with death, or another person’s death, that forces people to literally “Do. Or Die.”  Sometimes there is a situation that pushes people to the point of being so uncomfortable that they are literally forced to change.  Perhaps they almost died or someone they deeply loved died. Or their house burned down. Or they had a car accident.  In essence, the dramatic incident was a wakeup call to change.

We often do not change because we are afraid. But, the reality is that we have the power to release our fear of change so that we can create a better reality and way of living for ourselves.

You do not have to settle. You deserve better in your life and deserve to get what you want.  Your life counts. You have to right to be at peace and to be happy.  You do not have to continue or remain in a situation that you bring you fear or makes you feel uncomfortable.  You do not have to continue to believe in things that were taught to you that are not true and keep you in a state of fear and afraid.

While it sounds appealing to be liberated from fear, the very idea of freedom from being fearful and to have choice in one’s life, can actually be a scary one. Sometimes excuses are made to remain uncomfortable rather than for us to face our deepest fears. Sometimes even though we do not want to be afraid, and we are tired of being afraid, we are too scared to let go of fear and actually feel more comfortable to remain in a place of fear. The fear of failing in a marriage, or relationship, or fearing that we will never have a meaningful and loving relationship. Thinking that we are not good enough. Fearing illness. Fearing running out of money. Losing your child/parents/ mother/father/partner/spouse or other ones.  Fear of being attacked, of planes crashing, of drowning, of dying.

In order to change we have to let go of something. That could either consist of stopping habits or starting things that bring us good feelings, that we have been meaning to do, and that that we have been wanting to do. Change means that we have to let go of something, a certain part of ourselves has to leave and we have to embrace a new part of ourselves. In essence, the part of us that no longer serves us has to die, and we must let go. After the dying and shedding, there is then an opportunity for new growth and change to occur within ourselves. A caterpillar is an excellent example of change. In order to change, a caterpillar must stop crawling around; instead of crawling, the caterpillar transforms into a butterfly and it is in then able to fly around. We are able to take our cues from the caterpillar and know that we have the ability to change our actions, thoughts, emotions, and feelings.  We do have the ability and power to let go of whatever no longer serves us. Through letting go, we create the space for new beginnings, new thoughts, new emotions and new actions to come through into our lives. In that process of letting go and creating new we can view ourselves as letting a part of ourselves die, and then letting ourselves be born into a new reality and existence.


We do not have to be bound by our past, nor our feelings, emotions, actions, nor our life circumstances.  We have the ability to let go and to make room for and embrace the new. This process can go on continually in our lifetimes and beyond. Letting go of what no longer serves to make way for the new to create lives where we feel more empowered and more comfortable with the shifts in reality that make our lives better. This is the process of death and rebirth.

Marie-Eleana First, March 2018
LyonHart Amrie

Releasing Self Judgement Is An Act Of Self Care

Self-judgment is such an important and challenging topic; while it is on many people’s minds, it is often not discussed and/or is suffered through alone and in silence. The condition of being part of the human race means that by our very nature we are not perfect and that we are all bound to make mistakes at some point or other during our lifetimes. For those of us that try hard to achieve quintessential self-perfection, making mistakes can be really upsetting and stifle us in our development as human beings. 

Depending on the context, timing and parties involved, these mistakes can take on so many meanings and have so many varying degrees of harmful consequences. And, they can take many forms: Saying hurtful things to a child. Writing a bad check. Stealing. Physically beating someone up. Cheating on an exam. Robbing someone. Destroying someone’s property. Starting an argument. Playing loud music in the middle of the night waking up neighbors. Forgetting or missing a deadline. Dating or marrying a toxic person. Engaging in toxic professional and/or personal relationships. Cheating on your spouse or partner. Making a poor choice or decision. All of these things can be damaging or harmful. Sometimes, depending on the circumstances, they can affect not only the parties involved, but also ripple out onto other people. Sometimes they can have severe and deleterious consequences, profoundly impacting others in unforeseen ways. 

The parade of horrible mistakes and misdeeds is endless and can range from annoying to unfortunate, from inconveniencing people, to minor upsets, to wreaking havoc and ruining lives.

Some people never own up to their mistakes nor recognize how their actions have negatively impacted themselves or the people around them.

Some people, on the other hand, are profoundly sorry about what they have perceived they have done wrong. Some people find that they ruminate on their behavior to the point of wallowing in sorrow and regret, rendering them unable to process what happened and to move forward or to learn valuable lessons from their actions or inactions.  The process of harboring and harping on oneself can become stifling and debilitating.  We can remain for years and years reflecting on these actions in or inactions that caused upset and we also can spend years and years reliving what happened over and over again. Even if we have apologized to those whom we have hurt, were sincerely sorry, expressed our regrets to them, and even if they forgave us, sometimes we still stay in a place of judging ourselves, scolding ourselves, or find ourselves in a constant state of regret. This is called Self-Judgement.

If you are reading this today, you should know that you are on the right track of being able to push through your feelings of self-judgement and letting go (if you have not done so already).