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Calming empowerment for healing and transformation

Calming empowerment for healing and transformation

Now is the time for awakening, and our earth is supporting us in that process.  The global events and trauma that have occurred over the years - war, famine, hurricanes, corruption, addiction and abuse, that have caused people to die, destroyed property, ruined economies, shattered lives and dreams, have sternly called for humankind to see a bigger picture. 


In the absence of such horrific events on an epic scale, humankind is given every day events in the minutiae to experience triggers to wake up to experience and feel one’s personal journey of a human, soul, and being, while here on earth, and in the grander scheme of the universe. I have enumerated some of these stresses in my discussion of the Unique Stresses that Professionals Face.

Stress is a catalyst for personal awakening

The stress caused by both the massive and minutiae commands us to pause and reflect on what we are doing on planet earth, as we continue to participate within chaotic time constraints, hurtling ourselves towards infinity. What do we do when we are faced with the insurmountable tasks of the never-ending and timeless tasks? Do we compartmentalize them in our attempt to conquer and control, or do we quiet ourselves, surrender, ease up, relinquish so that we can actually hear any and all messages and lessons that are coming through for us?


It is the old cliché that life is too short.  When we experience individually or collectively death, injury, illness of ourselves or someone we love, often we are prone to reflect that life is too short and then we are triggered into seeing the bigger picture and the important things in life that count – love, family friends. And love, family, friends are an expression and reflection of the way that we conduct ourselves as humans - emotionally, physically, and spiritually.


Our GLOBAL awakening is giving us all a chance to unfold, awaken, release old behavior patterns, and all of these symptoms that you are experiencing, are taking you somewhere.  Your feelings of stress are asking you to change from within.


All of these stress factors are clear examples that trigger us to seek more meaning in life – to seek more feelings of satisfaction and fulfillment.  These are signs of our global awakening.  It’s been obvious to me that through this global awakening that we are all meant to hold more light in our body and consciousness.....which eventually equates to more fulfillment, happiness and much better health. 


Along my own person journey, I have become fascinated with consciousness, and have learned how consciousness determines how much light we hold. And that the process of holding more light in our body, pushes us through a process of change internally alchemically. 


 It’s never too late to change, there is always today.  You have the power and ability to create sanity and balance in both your professional and personal life, and to grow in your own personal journey as a human being.


Believe it or not, we do not need to have trauma to pause, reflect and to stop the ever-turning wheel. However, trauma can be the universe’s way of hinting to us that we need to wake up, and that changes need to be made ultimately for our own highest good. And, as words of encouragement and to guide you, often times in our greatest weaknesses and life challenges, lies our greatest strength and abilities.


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