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Calming empowerment for healing and transformation

Calming empowerment for healing and transformation

When I think of ‘getting educated’ in terms of the teachings I offer through the lineage of Transference Healing®,  I immediately think of the wisdom of Maimonides the Spanish philosopher: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

In the same way, it can be said that for me to run one Transference Healing® on a person, they will be spiritually nourished and sustained in the moment, but to teach them how to run Transference Healings on themselves, will enable them to personally sustain and nourish themselves over the long haul.

I am committed to empowering others, so it is imperative that I inform you that you have the ability to learn how to run Transference Healing®

Very recently, after running mini healings at an Event, I was asked consistently where they could learn more about Transference Healing® and if they were able to run these healings on themselves.  They were very pleased and surprised when I told them yes, absolutely they could learn how to run healings on themselves and that it was a very good idea for them to learn.

We all have the ability to connect to the Divine and heal ourselves, on our journey to self-mastery and ascension.  Running regular Transference Healing® on yourself, family and loved ones will facilitate shifting and upgrading, creating changes in your life and reality, whilst also initiating and supporting these changes in everyone around you.


Are you ready to boost your self-healing, personal growth, and spiritual empowerment process?

Do you want to break through self-sabotage, limitation, and transform your reality?

Are you willing to give yourself some time to create meaningful and lasting life changes in your life


If so, then you will want to experience the frequency of Transference Healing and empower yourself by learning powerful spiritual procedures; this workshop is the perfect place to start. Through the energy and teachings of this one-day workshop you will learn practical energetic procedures that will empower you to heal yourself and your loved ones. 
You will learn how to lift your frequency, clear genetic (including past life) wounding,
and gain clarity around ongoing concerns.

Learn how to channel the Transference Healing frequencies to break down patterning that creates limitation, so you can manifest a reality that is in alignment with your Higher Self.

Throughout the Beyond Doorways Workshops you will delve more deeply into the self-healing procedures within Beyond Doorways – the Mysteries Revealed by Alexis Cartwright.  This gives you the opportunity to master the elements while learning to support your own healing and ascension process. The Beyond Doorways book contains volumes of sacred information and knowledge providing insight into many universal questions including those that directly bear on our mental, physical, spiritual well-being

Beyond Doorways Level l is a one-day workshop that enables you to work with and understand the fundamental teachings and healing procedures detailed within Beyond Doorways – the Mysteries Revealed by Alexis Cartwright.

This Beyond Doorways workshop concentrates on specific chapters that detail how you can participate in your own  healing and ascension process, helping you to work with the Earth changes that are impacting our dimension, reality & world.  Though many of the procedures in this workshop can be practiced simply by purchasing Beyond Doorways, attending the workshop templates and grids you into the frequencies, supporting you to fully understand its technology. Alexis’s intent in this workshop is to have the procedures explained first hand, so you have an opportunity to master the elements while learning to support your own healing and ascension process.  It is advisable that everyone who receives regular Transference Healing sessions consider attending this workshop at some point in time.
When you undertake a Beyond Doorways Level I Workshop you will receive the following inclusions:  
  1. Workshop Manual
  2. Full color template
  3. Vogel crystal wand
  4. The Beyond Doorways Lightbody Kit of 15 x vibrational essences

(This workshop does not include supply of the Beyond Doorways book.  You will need to purchase this independently, preferably prior to attending the workshop).

My next Beyond Doorways Level I Workshop details:

Venue:             NY City. Venue to be confirmed at time of booking.


Date:                TBC

Cost:                $450


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Please Note:   Places in these workshops are limited.  Book in early to avoid disappointment,

4 day Transference Healing Fundamental Training®

If you are anything like me, you want to take responsibility for your life and do not want things to just “happen” to you. 


The first time I had a Transference mini-healing in New York City, I felt a huge energetic process in my body and I was actually able to see in my mind’s-eye the chakras that were worked on and my heart felt so open.  Right then, I knew that I wanted to experience more of the energy of this holy lineage. I had several absentee Transference Healing® sessions, but I wanted to experience that incredible feeling of receiving a healing live and in-person.  I felt so drawn that I traveled all the way to England to have a full in-person healing session.  What a profound experience that was; so much clearing and magic happened for me during that one session.


When I was invited to participate in the four-day Transference Healing® Fundamental training, to learn how to run the procedures, I was flabbergasted. I felt that there was no way that I could learn how to run the procedures. I thought that I was not qualified or capable to learn “all that mystical stuff,” and that it was beyond me.  However, the more I thought about it, the more it seemed like it was the right course of action for me to take.  I am glad that I did. 


Through learning and then regularly running the Fundamental Transference Healing® procedures on myself, I have empowered myself on an energetic level, which has changed my life on a practical level.  


I had worked so hard in my everyday world – to balance myself emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.  I thought why not take my healing process a step further, onto an energetic level, to move forward in the best way possible.


Running regular Transference Healings on myself hugely supports me, releasing tension, fear, and worries that have built up within me over the course of a lifetime, and (I believe) even releasing things that have built up over the course of other lifetimes.


As the earth ascends and becomes lighter, it is important that we too ascend and become lighter.  Regularly running the Transference Fundamental Healing Procedures will help support this process.


I invite you to empower yourself in your own journey and process. Running the Transference Healing® Fundamental Procedures will facilitate and support your self-mastery and ascension process.

4 day Transference Healing®  Fundamental Training details: "Self Healing and Faith"

Anyone can learn to run Transference Healing®.  In the four day Fundamental Training you will receive a profound and life-changing initiation into the Transference Healing® Diamond Pyramid of Light™ and will be energetically templated and gridded to begin to run the Transference Healing® process. You will be guided through an energetic journey learning how to run the fundamental procedures and channel through the associated Transference frequencies to support a divine healing and ascension process.


The fundamental procedures and frequencies have been anchored onto the planet by Alexis Cartwright and are frequencies and elements that come through from the Earth and cosmos. The fundamental procedures are divinely facilitated by Transference Practitioners to support the alchemical changes needed in the human body in order to manifest and anchor our Lightbody, assisting the transition from a 3rd to 5th dimensional frequency. 


In stepping into a fundamental training you are not only learning to facilitate this divine technology, you are also learning to create alchemy in the body to support the anchoring of our Lightbody.  Importantly you will be taking the first step toward self-mastery by learning to heal thyself. In working on yourself you will not only be working on your physical body and consciousness but your reality as well. You will be shifting and upgrading, creating changes in your reality and initiating and supporting changes in those around you.

The fundamental procedures are the structural foundation for you to begin to master as a healer.  


You will always run these procedures regardless of the higher levels of training you attain, as it is these procedures that create alchemy in the physical body.


 When you undertake Fundamental training you will receive the following inclusions:
  1. A 276 page Practitioners Manual (also known as the Fundamental Manual)
  2. A set of 6 full color Practitioners Templates and a Healing Record Template
  3. The complete practitioners Lightbody Kit of 77 mother tincture vibrational essences
  4. A 150 page full color Lightbody Kit book - inclusive of colour photographs identifying all the lightbody crystals and divination charts
  5. Your Fundamentals Training Certificate of Achievement, signed by Alexis Cartwright
  6. A Graduates Presentation CD

The 4 day Transference Fundamental Training includes:

The four day Transference Fundamental Training includes:

  1. Introduction - The Cosmic Consciousness of Christ and the new healing modality of the lightbody system
  2. New spiritual and philosophical principles for healing
  3. Clearing and Protection/White Light Procedure - learning to clear and template a room
  4. Three Polarities of Christ Procedure - activating the Christ Consciousness in healer and client, initiating divine healing powers
  5. Centreing Inner Mind Procedure - bringing the mind into a centred state of consciousness
  6. Severing Karmic Pain Procedure - severing karmic emotions, circumstances and genetic wounding
  7. Clearing Earthbound Energy Procedure - learning to clear distorted astral energies from the etheric field
  8. Triangular Diamond Doorway Procedure - working with the Master Etheric Diamond and releasing energy imbalances which restrict self-healing on all levels (physical, emotional, mental and ethereal)
  9. Triangular Star Formation Procedure - aligning and balancing the electromagnetic body
  10. Earth and Magnetic Grid Alignment Procedure - aligning the etheric geometric template in the body to the Earth's own ley line grids so the nervous system can heal and the vertebrae and cranial sacral system can adjust
  11. Chakras and Gland Procedures - initiating the St Germain Flame for karmic purification, releasing etheric wedges and clearing chakras and glandular system
  12. Harmony Alignment Points Procedure - initiating sound and colour into specific meeting points allowing profound physiological shifts, which release energy imbalances from the body. Enhances the Healers' clairaudient skills
  13. Metaphysical Diamond Procedure - reaches into the seat of the soul where one heals personal wounding on a vibrational level. The body releases energy density as the emotions evolve and creates new levels of enlightenment
  14. Feeling Vortex Procedure - releases etheric fibres that create energy holograms, weakness and depletion in the body
  15. Grief Procedure – ethericly clears the emotions of grief stored within the body and consciousness at a cellular level 
  16. Master Spiritual Plane Diamond Procedure - tapping into the Master Template to allow self-mastery through the manifestation of gifts and talents
  17. Mental Pain Release Procedure - working ethericly with the central nervous system and brain to clear psychological disorders (Alzheimer's, schizophrenia, mental stress, memory loss etc)
  18. Etheric Surgery Procedures - clearing tumours and energy imbalances
  19. Chiron Wounding Procedures - works ethericly with the chiron point in the body to support clearing the chiron wounding in our patterning
  20. Colour Bath Procedures - works with the colour spectrum on a vibrational level of the body, in order to purify and clear the body and awaken the consciousness
  21. Alchemy Symbols Procedure - 23 symbols which initiate powerful shifts in the body for healing and Lightbody transformation (pure alchemy)
  22. Animal Magic Procedure - Shamanistic healing technique enhances instinctual and intuitive qualities of certain animals into the persons own psyche
  23. Four Planes of Transformation Procedure - integrating appropriate meeting points with sound, symbols, colours and etheric crystals so the body can respond and adjust with the Earth changes
  24. Crystal Cross Procedure - integrates a celestial alchemical healing process to support the integration of the Lightbody through the associated elements and geometric formations of the Crystal Cross
  25. Scales of Redemption Procedure - releases self judgement, clears vices, re-codes DNA and initiates sense of destiny and purpose
  26. Dragon Power Procedure - refines intent, empowers Divine Will and enhances connection to the Masters
  27. Star of David Procedure - supports the integration of the Lightbody and activates the Merkabah
  28. Holding Power of Light Procedure - useful for sustaining higher levels of Light
  29. Initiation of Rays and Masters Procedure - integrating the powerful technology and wisdom of rays into appropriate chakras and assisting the person to work with its associated Master
  30. Merkabah Procedure - mastery of Lightbody travel and Merlin Magic
  31. Lightbody Kit - learn about the 77 vibrational essences in the Lightbody Kit, how to create therapeutic essences to support each healing, dosages, protecting your kit etc
Graduates are encouraged to periodically resit a revision of Fundamental Training. This is so effective because Transference frequencies are integrated step-by-step, so as you heighten your frequency and expand your consciousness you will integrate more, subsequently getting more from the training. In addition you will undergo frequency shifts, allowing you to evolve more quickly.  The cost of a resit in the United States is $750.

My next 4 day Transference Healing®  Fundamental Training details:

Venue:             NY City. Venue to be confirmed at time of booking.


Date:                TBC

Cost:                $2250  


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Please Note:   Places in these workshops are limited.  Book in early to avoid disappointment,

What’s next - beyond Fundamental Training?


As you run the Fundamental procedures over a period of time, you will go through a purification process and embody frequency shifts. You will make shifts of consciousness and evolve as you begin to master the energy within yourself. Fear will start to be released as you shift any distortion that starts to manifest in your body, consciousness or reality, using the Fundamental procedures to support you. Learning the fundamentals procedures is a hugely empowering process. 


At some divine point in time, when you are ready, the more advanced level higher frequencies of Transference will begin to anchor in. At this time you will be divinely guided to go through certain levels of initiations to hold higher frequencies of light. You may start to feel limited, on some level, with the energy and you will have a knowing that you need to bring in the higher frequencies. At this point you will step into the Advanced Level Training. 


This training will provide you with the procedures to work more with cosmic energies and the Lightbody system, a process that is critical at this point in time. You will become more of service and you will qualify to be a Transference Healing® Practitioner. 


Child of Light Workshop - A workshop for Adults, that supports Both Children and Adults

Childhood can seem so simple and uncomplicated, yet emotionally and energetically, so much happens during this tender stage of life.


Children need to be nurtured, loved, cared for, and protected.  They also need to be taught how to live in this world.


In their new little human forms, they have not had experience with the world nor do they know about their environment; they are curious, impressionable and vulnerable.  They are trusting and rely on the adults in their lives.  Children must be taught. They are curious and like sponges, rapidly absorbing information; by age 4, a child’s brain is more than twice as active as an adult’s.[1] 


Today’s children are different.  They are more open, vibrationally connected and attuned to this world, and more sensitive.   This is both a reflection, and a product of the amazing changing world we live in.

 With increased sensitivity children are more impressionable.


As we know, children interact with their environment, with other children and people, and draw their own experience from those interactions.  And, all children have their own inner conversations with themselves, developing their own story.  But children of today, with increased sensitivity are also highly attuned to other people’s emotions and can pick up on them.


For us all, human daily living consists of a variety of experiences, including happy events, sad events, and stressful and challenging events.  No matter how much we instinctively may want to protect and shield our children from life’s challenges, the inevitable is that children must all experience obstacles in order to learn how to take care of themselves; it is part of life and growing up.


The feelings that children experience create an alchemical process in their body and leaves a physical and emotional imprint on them.  The Child of Light frequencies, absorbed through the Workshop or through receiving a Child of Light Healing, supports children to heal fears, tension and worries that arise in their body and consciousness.    The Child of Light procedure works on an energetic level to help release negativity, fear, sadness, and grief from the body so that consciousness and light can filter into the body.


Child of Light Workshop also Supports Adults

The Child of Light Workshop is not just for children; it is absolutely for adults.  Childhood is the first frontier and the last frontier of our emotional and spiritual journey of our soul, whilst having the human experience.  Traumatic incidents from our childhood affect us mentally, physically and emotionally, which in essence means that this affects us energetically and alchemically and then we can find ourselves spending the rest of our lives working through these events and experiences in some fashion or another.


The Child of Light Workshop helps us nurture and love our own inner child when we are frightened, angry, frustrated, confused and lonely.  I have learned through my own journey that people often feel and act in a disempowered way in their own lives based on their experiences as children. The Child of Light frequencies work on an energetic level to release those blocks of helplessness, the frustration and inability to move ahead to create change and positive situations in one’s life.  The procedures energetically pushes us through an internal alchemical process to release negativity and to let more light and consciousness into the body, and attunes us to fifth dimensional Global Grid.  When we have more light and consciousness we are more balanced and are more at peace. 

This workshop teaches an accumulation of techniques to support the Children of the New Millennium, based on the contents of the ‘Child of Light’ chapter in Beyond Doorways. It incorporates new information and a specifically channelled Transference procedure that has come through the energetic influence and guidance of Chiron.

This new procedure is called the ‘Child of Light, Earth and Crystalline Grid Procedure’ and works to support the Crystalline Grid Template to anchor in. It assists in the integration of the necessary stellar/light and crystal frequencies into the sensitive bodies and consciousness of Crystal Children, and provides the necessary resources to preventively care against Lightbody symptoms.

This procedure can also be run on adults in order to go deeper within the etheric body to clear a more indepth level of Inner Child pain and support the anchoring of the Crystalline Grid Template. This will aid you to evolve with more ease during the current Earth changes.

When you undertake a Child of Light Workshop you receive the following Inclusions: 

1.A set of comprehensive workshop notes

2.Full colour workshop templates (x2)

3.Platonic Solids Crystal Set 

4.Clear Quartz Crystal

My next Child of Light Workshop details:

Venue:             NY City. Venue to be confirmed at time of booking.


Date:                TBC

Cost:                $450  


To Book:          E  |, or BUY NOW using the button below 


Please Note:   Places in these workshops are limited.  Book in early to avoid disappointment,
[1] KID'S BRAIN POWER, Steve Nadia (The Oregonian, Technology Review, 12-15-1993)