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Calming empowerment for healing and transformation

Calming empowerment for healing and transformation

Let’s face it.  


Life IS challenging even for the professional who appears to be on top of the world.


There you are, so proud of adding a 4-year degree and perhaps even a couple of graduate degrees to your life’s milestones.  On the outside it appears that life is stable, collected and together.  Parents, family or friends may be proud of you.  You have more education than most of the world’s population, and have a higher standard of living and wage earning capacity than most.  You have a lot to be grateful for, and feel you shouldn’t really begrudge your situation in any way…


However, while it may look like you have a stable, perfect life on the outside because of your title or credentials, and it may seem like your life should be stress-free and carefree, it's just not how you feel or experience your life.


I say this to you from experience, and if you are reading this, I invite you to allow yourself to actually feel your stress.  To feel, and to recognize, that your feelings are valid.  You are not alone in your experiences.

Stress arises for many reasons for professionals

To attain those great academic credentials, you have had to pitch out thousands of dollars for tuition, room and board, maybe student loans whose interest rates and terms are permitting loan companies to rake in millions of dollars at profits at the expense of poor students.  At present in the United States there is $1.2 trillion in loans outstanding in the U.S. and people have defaulted on their loans, ruining their credit scores and desolating their ability to take out loans to purchase homes or other items that require good credit.

Many folks with a four-year degree, live in a big city, as the urban sector often has easier access to jobs and promising career opportunities.  But along with the bright lights of the big city comes a stressful price tag.  Noise pollution, air pollution, jam-packed trains, heavy delays and slow traffic. Constant sirens – ambulance, fire and police.  Crime. Police Activity and Investigations. 


In essence, the city, while an exciting mix of culture and diversity is also a petri dish, an amalgam of life teeming with noise pollution, crowds, constant pressure to do, perform and excel.  There is no room for error, no room for downtime.  It is the age-old quintessential rat-race.

Profession related stress

In addition to the stress of financial burden and trying external environment, a professional also experiences stress within the parameters of the nature of their profession.  Perhaps your work does not garner respect among others and in fact fosters adversity, resentment, and dislike?  


Lawyers are embattled warriors within an inherently adversarial system championing the rights of people with their shields and swords, sometimes engaging in losing battles.  Their work has arduous schedules, endless deadlines, complex legal issues, and high work standards. 


Dentists encounter nervous patients dreading those painful mouth surgeries and root canals. Accountants face that eternally-approaching April 15 deadline each year; endless deadlines abound. 


Doctors in HMOs struggle with paying insurance payments and student loans in the current reality of having to charge reduced fees for services. At times you encounter incompetent, inconsiderate professionals, or those with inflated egos who work alongside you, or you may be a part of nerve-wracking office politics that cause you to tread lightly to the detriment of your peace-of-mind.   We sometimes have to deal with those that wield the little power they have, to inflict misery or to increase your workload, because they are profoundly disenfranchised and feel disempowered in their own careers or lives.


It’s unsettling to know that as professionals, potentially the one error you may make in your career could be remembered, and be far more damaging to your career accolades than all of the other achievements in your life!


As professionals we are forced to work within artificial constructs of time and space dictated by the demand of bureaucratic and corporate forces.  In essence we are just cogs in a wheel of an unstoppable machine endlessly moving forward and stopping for nothing to achieve its own predefined designs and objectives. 


…There is no room for error, no room to be human; there is no room for the human experience to breathe and evolve within this tightknit framework.  We are expected to perform and produce day in and day out through rain, sleet, snow, and in illness, childbirth, and celebration.

To make matters worse, while you are hard at work and conducting yourself with integrity, you may find yourself awash/immersed in a sea of corruption, where those with more authority, or different authority than you, engage in illicit or illegal activity that significantly undermines much of the hard work you have put in, during your quest to bring more balance, justice and peace to the world.  Often these people will never be called to task or held accountable by the establishment for abusing their power.  Clearly corrupt activity that tacitly undermines the welfare of society, is somehow deemed clean because it falls under the rubric of politics forged by alliances and affiliations.  This corruption may be even well-known in your circles amongst your colleagues,  but no one dare say a word for fear of repercussions that may play out – being black-listed or alienated in the profession.  Perhaps the corruption feels insurmountable to take to task as there are only so many hours in the day, and this is just one battle that you are much better off not fighting. But nevertheless, these unjust situations foster a steady and underlying disquiet in your work, and can contribute to a build-up of stress.

Personal Stress

On top of stress at work, then we encounter further stresses at home:  raising children, finding decent childcare, schools and colleges to care for our children whilst we work.  Intimate relationships are strained due to the time factors and anxiety that we live with each day.


As professionals, we are not allowed to make excuses. 


The train may be delayed for the umpteenth time but we are not allowed the luxury of such an excuse to indulge, to seek respite for being late.  We are expected to be on time and meet our obligations to rigid and ceaseless deadlines, despite that late train or bus, the car accident, a sick or upset child, or medical emergency.

What are we to do so that it does not consume us?

As mentioned, it’s important to acknowledge the stresses that we feel.  We can no longer sweep these feelings of stress under the carpet.  Acknowledging our stress is the first step to healing it.

And, we are all aware that it is an important step to work toward balance in all that we do - how we think, the choices we make, what we take on in our lives.

The reality is, that we CAN achieve balance in our lives, and become stress free. 


And, I believe that this balance comes from within. With some very positive practices in our life, we can, over time create a whole new way of being, that is stress free and fulfilling.

This website is designed to offer experiences, events, profound healing and wisdom in support of your self-empowerment; to move through these stressful experiences and become that person that you expected you would become.  Believe it or not, the reality is that we have the ability to become “on the inside” that stable, balanced professional who has it all. 


Please go to the Empower Yourself page for information and steps to take.