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Calming empowerment for healing and transformation

Calming empowerment for healing and transformation

I have often heard it said that people think that one healing ought to be able to instantly heal whatever affliction or injury one has, spiritual, emotional, or physical.  Just like that, the problems that took a lifetime or lifetimes to develop are supposed to be healed in one fell swoop by one healing and voíla, no more problems.  The reality is that this notion is not based on the true cycles of spiritual evolution, healing, growth and transformation. 


Does it take only one seed planting to grow a crop?  No, the land must be rested, tilled, planted, weeded, watered, and the sun, rain and earth must be allowed to work their magic over a period of time for the crop to grow.


Think of a physical injury. How did you get that injury to begin with?  Was it caused by too much pressure on a knee, joint, or some other body part? Was it improper alignment of the part, or was it a sudden injury?  As a student of pilates I have found that injuries usually are the culmination of improper alignment, too much pressure and not enough strength to sustain the well-being of the body part.  Over the course of time this strains the muscle, ligament, joint and gives way to fatigue and injury.  Even if the injury was sudden, does it miraculously repair itself?  No, it takes time for the muscles to recover, to regenerate, rebuild strength, repair and for new cells to generate for healing to occur.


Think about the last time you felt hurt emotionally. Were you able to snap out of the feeling quickly? Most likely if you are honest, it took some time to work through your emotions to feel strong enough to feel the pain, work out the issue, or else grieve the loss of a relationship or mourn a loved one’s death.


Think about a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, a powerful example of transformation. The caterpillar must hatch, eat leaves, spin a cocoon where it disintegrates and then grows discs for eyes, wings and legs, splits its cells to grow new parts, and then after all of that emerges as a beautiful butterfly.  Even this process takes on average several weeks time and does not happen instantly.


Just as all of these things take time to heal and transform, so too, it takes time for our spiritual body to repair, heal, and transform.  And then it takes even longer for this to manifest down at the physical level.


Think about the time it takes for one to learn and become well-versed in a craft.  Does one learn how to paint, dance or sing overnight? No, it takes time, patience, a willingness to learn, take classes, and to practice.


Do licensed professionals acquire their licenses and learn their professions overnight?  No, they must study, take many exams, complete their coursework and graduate. Even after graduation, more exams are required, mandatory interviews by the licensing authority to discern fitness to practice, and fees must be paid for the license fees.  Once the licenses are attained, professionals must practice and hone their craft; most often there is a continued learning curve. Then, to maintain their licenses professionals are often required to take continuing education classes and pay fees to renew their licenses.  There are specific processes involved to become an artist or licensed professional.  Serious work and commitment are most-often required.


So, too, in the realm of healing and transformation, it takes a willingness to learn, be open, to feel our feelings, not hiding from them or numb them.  We have choice of the pace that we want to set.  How fast we learn, heal and transform depends on a number of factors including our willingness to be honest with ourselves, be in integrity with our feelings, surrender, let go of ego, and be open to the healing energy of the universe.  If we are open and receptive, then the energy will be able to help us grow and evolve, but if we are closed, it cannot.  Water cannot be poured into a closed bottle.


As we grow and learn in our spiritual journey, just as in the teachers administering exams in our classes at school, the universe will present “exams” in the forms of a series of initiations to give us the opportunity to demonstrate our growth and knowledge, and to help us define what we truly wish and desire in this world.

Healing and transformation does not happen automatically.  It requires learning, growth and exam taking (initiations). It takes time and effort just as it took time and effort to develop and hone our crafts as artists, or to become licensed and practice in our professions.


From experience gained from my own self healing journey, I can be a guide to your self healing journey. 


Ultimately no one can take the steps for you, and we all know that the easiest way to move along any pathway, even though we have some idea of how to do it, is to have a guide or someone who has walked the path, just a few steps before you.

Work One to One with Me

One to One 'Beyond Doorways' Healing - $35
A healing to bring you back into balance & feeling better on all levels
Great taster session to experience the energy work I facilitate
Personal channelled feedback & reading, emailed as an MP3
Can be experienced in person or from anywhere around the world via absentee healing
Takes approx 30 minutes to complete the healing and the feedback

One to One 'Full Transference' Healing®  - $125

A deep transformative healing to support and empower you

Helps to create change so you can move forward with ease

Indepth personal channelled feedback & reading, emailed as an MP3 file

A crystal Lightbody Essence sent to your address, take internally for ongoing support

Can be experienced in person or from anywhere around the world via absentee healing

Takes approx 90 minutes to complete the healing and the feedback

How Transference Healing works

Transference Healing® does not diagnose a condition by analyzing the symptoms of disease.  Instead it looks deep within the etheric patterning of the body and reads it with psychic perception.  Humans are multi-layered Beings, and running a healing that has the capacity to impact all of these layers is a complex process.  Transference Healing® works with many levels and layers of the body;  its uniqueness is in its ability to work with electromagnetic frequency and the magnetic fields of the body, to create powerful alchemic shifts and orchestrate healing on the cellular level of the body, so all dimensions of the anatomy can heal themselves.


Disease (“Dis-ease”) manifests in the physical, from a weakness or distortion in the etheric, electromagnetic or magnetic bodies, so by working on these levels I can reach deep into the different levels of vibrational density, accessing pain or distortion that has been sustained within the soul over its journey through time and space.  


A natural hormonal and bio-chemical balance can occur within the body, with the assistance from Source, and the universal frequencies and guides from higher planes, to create a unique, powerful spiritual healing. The electromagnetic body filters through electrical currents into the cellular levels of the body, so that different dimensions of the Lightbody can anchor through into the physical, bringing the higher heavenly bodies into the earthly realms.

What happens during a Transference Healin

As a Transference Healing® Practitioner for over eleven years, I’ve been trained through the lineage to tap into the inner dimensions of a human body and consciousness to be able to gain insight into a person’s healing and ascension journey.  During a full Transference Healing®, without touching the body, I run many procedures, and use different Transference Healing® energetic templates that filter codes, frequencies, elements and light into the etheric patterning of the body.  This enables the body and consciousness to restructure, and regenerate new levels of wellness from within, to heal, evolve and transform into a whole new state of consciousness.


The information that channels through during the healing will offer insight into what is happening in your own internal process of your life journey. 


At the end of the Healing, I will be able provide an intuitive reading to you that speaks to what is both causing and creating the healing process at the time, thus facilitating an explanation as to what is really going on within. Although the healing initiates an effective physiological healing process, it is essentially a spiritual experience.  

What happens after a Transference Healing®

After a healing you may feel ‘altered’, you may feel the release of mild symptomatic pain, you may under-go a subtle identify shift or you may have long-standing issues resolve themselves.  Many report a feeling of spiritual intervention in their life, bringing the faith to let go of old patterning, defence mechanisms, and the need for control. The healing that is initiated during this session will continue over the weeks to follow.  To support the integration of these frequencies I will create a therapeutic Transference Healing® Lightbody essence for you to take home. 

Transference Healing® unifies many ancient and futuristic healing modalities.  It  supports healing, personal growth and spiritual empowerment, and is suitable for all ages, conditions and illnesses.


There is so much more to this sacred lineage, and, there is so much magic within the healing, that really needs to be experienced to be understood on a heart level.  Make contact now to book your One to One session.